"I’m definitely going to take it personal. I said I’d be mad off about it. And I am. I just felt disrespected. Because I play the game the right way, I play unselfishly, I play for my team to win games and I produce at a high level. I think what I bring to the game as a person, my makeup mentally, how I am toward my teammates, how I am toward the media, how I am toward fans; I think what an All-Star represents in this league, and what you would want people to look at as an All-Star, I think I make up all those things. For me to be having the type of season that I’m having, which is better than any one that I’ve had before, and my team to be third in the Western Conference, I just see it as disrespect. I’m not one of those guys that’s going to say, ‘Oh, I should be in over this guy or that guy.’ I’m not a hater. I’ve got respect for each guy that made the roster. And I think they deserve to (make the team). But at the same time, I feel really disrespected, and that’s just honestly how I feel." -Damian Lillard


Victor Oladipo looks ready for the dunk contest, you guys.


Back on January 30 2010, Clay Travis predicted that in 5 years’ time DeMarcus Cousins would be arrested. Well, today marks 5 years and the reporters prediction has filed to come true, so to celebrate Cousins called his ignorance out on Instagram. The writer, clearly aware that he was out of line, responded to the post offering to donate money to a charity of Cousins choosing. Moral of the story, be careful what you post because Tweets live forever!