Everyone there was worried about Roy. He’s great for your defense when he’s engaged but the dude is just flaky. He would just sit at his locker during halftimes and after the game just smiling, being like, everything’s great, everything’s great. Meanwhile, he was working on zero everythings. There were all types of rumors out there but none of that was true. As far as I know, anyway. I don’t know, they never really talked to me much after Roy called me selfish. I know he was talking about me. He’d always say, “I need the ball. I need the ball.” Meanwhile he got like two points on eight shots, no rebounds, and his post moves look like they need a hand crank to start them up. Toward the end, Larry was making us tweet out these pictures of us pretending we all liked each other. I was never in those. I’m from Brooklyn, I ain’t never fished in my life.
—  Lance Stevenson on Roy Hibbert
Thing is he [Kobe] called every point guard “Fish”. He calls Steve Nash “Fish.” He used to make Smush Parker get dressed and taped in the broom closet. When I asked him why he said, “So Fish can get used to being around the things he’ll use when he becomes a janitor next year.
—  Former Lakers Staff Member on Kobe Bryant [source]