my mom just took this picture of me apparently

you can kinda see tumblr in the reflection, but what she didnt know is that on the other half of the screen is three pages of femslash i’ve been working on for like an hour.

god bless my mother. may she never know.

4chan users plan to trigger trans suicides

Spread this shit around tumblr right now.

4 chan users are planning to trigger transgender people by posting pictures and sending asks on tumblr. They are hoping to drive trans people to suicide. Here is a sourceBe aware the bottom part of this page contains some really awful stuff so don’t read past the warning if you don’t wanna see horrible hate speech and slurs.

Spread this around so the trans community are aware and prepared- it’s just days after Transgender Day of Remembrance which obviously makes this more upsetting.

Obviously if you do recieve a message or see a post, be sure to report it.

Stay safe :) 


why would you want to mutilate yourself, a spoken word poem about being non-binary

last year i wrote this, the first and only slam(?) poem ive written to date

and i remembered this was hidden away somewhere in my computer when i was looking for slam poetry about being non-binary and couldnt find any

so i dug this up and decided to do a reading, i must have recorded it 20 times before just sayin fuck it and uploading it stuttering and all


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chubby non-binary afab shouldn’t feel the need to lose weight or bind their chest to “pass” as non-binary if they’re comfortable the way they are. there is no set way to be non-binary and we should destroy the notion that to look androgynous as an afab you have to have “masculine” characteristics, eg. a flat chest