Oh dear

So yesterday a third server was merged into our little server group - we’re on Nesingwary, which was already merged with Vek’nilash when we came back to the game, and Nazgrel joined us yesterday.

Nazgrel’s guilds were spamming trade chat yesterday, looking for new blood. And actually one of them caught our interest.

We’re looking into Karazhan Chess Team. After all, being old school raiders, we have fond memories of Karazhan, and we liked their spiel. They are also old school raiders and they’re trying to get a flex team started, and it’s always good to get in at the beginning so you can secure a position in the core raid team.

They have only one 90 hunter (who as far as I can tell never pvps?) and two active 90 warlocks according to the armory. Guess I should see how many of their paladins are active soon. 

We decided to wait and /who them this weekend and see how many people they have on at peak hours. 

Also I hit 600 on jewelcrafting on the warlock this morning. She’s level 88, and the spousal person works this weekend. So she should probably be 90 by Sunday. :)

Hey so im looking to get back into raiding ((but there s a twist i want to dps for the first time ever so ive been practicing)) im pretty ok (shitty) geared ilvl 478 if anyone need a spriest for their guild ill transfer over so long as the guild is

  • a small guild
  • alliance
  • swaggin

btw im on nazgrel (ally) if anyone wants to wow chill

ill even help start a guild if youre good idk im so stupid what am i doing w my life