navy sweater


Thomas….  brother #2  (navy sweater)
The BEST brother of all :)))

He is a rock, a good man.  He is passionate about his family, faith, friends, career,  fast cars, skiing and travel.   He’s fair and honest and works hard.  
He also plays hard and makes everything more fun!!! 

This guy adores his family,   but has a special heart for his siblings’ children.   He deeply loves and respects this generation and goes to great lengths to help them build and grow in their own lives.   He makes calls for them,  does what it takes to “be there”  to see their plays, film releases, solos.  He donates to their causes, and creates internships where he can.   The beautiful thing about these relationships is that he sincerely loves having long conversations with them and hearing about their lives.  

Thomas is my husband.  He is the awesome father to my children.
He is my best friend and the best thing that has ever happened to me.  
Today is his birthday.  I thank God for him every single day and I pray that God continues to watch over him and to Bless him.

I love you T.   Happy Birthday!