2NE1 Facebook Update (150327): “[DARA - WHO IS ‘LEE SODAM’?]’LEE SODAM’ is a timid and peculiar office worker who hides behind using a puppet mask and her long hair that DARA described SODAM as a ‘Lovely Hermit’!Witness how shy but lovely SODAM mends her broken heart!
So don’t miss it!”

Kyuhyun said he had a bad cold and flu on the day of this photoshoot. He said he fell asleep when he did this photoshoot and the photographers just kept taking pictures of him for about 10 minutes. When he woke up, he felt embarassed and the photographer said the photoshoot had ended and that he did a good job. (source)

This is funny but sad at the same times. I feel really bad for him. He must have been exhausted…

150321 BTS’ mixtape MV leaves the flavor of Sweet and Sour Chicken?


[We take care of our leader!  The group was transformed  as ‘BTS Supporters’!]

JIN “Today everything is on me (I have the company’s credit card)!”

BTS appeared at a Sweet and Sour Chicken store! They are here to buy chicken, feeling as if they got the whole world. But one member is missing. Where did the leader, RAP MONSTER go? And why did rest of the members buy so much chicken?

RAP MONSTER “Give me my chicken~”

I came this far to find missing RAP MONSTER. Here is the filming site of RAP MONSTER’S Mixtape MV and it is his first time filming the MV which is getting released on March 20! MV for the pre-released tracks <Awakening> and <Do You> are now being filmed. <Do You>

RAP MONSTER “When I was a middle school student, I wanted to be a microphone checker.”

RAP MONSTER “I smell something Sweet and sour! It must be sweet and sour chicken! Sniff, sniff ~”


[Knock knock~ RAP MONSTER, here is Sweet and Sour Chicken for you!]

Suddenly a noise was coming from the entrance, and the six guys appeared. With Sweet and Sour Chicken, the other members came to cheer up RAP  MONSTER who has been working alone! Shall we have some break time to comfort exhausted mind and body? 

It is a heart-warming story of BTS and staff having chicken until they got really full ~

“Finally all seven members gathered. We are the complete form of BTS !”

JIMIN “Set the table for Sweet and Sour Chicken~”

JIN “What? You are telling me to set the table?”

RAP MONSTER “Hey, V, you bought this for me, right?

V “Brother… I think I tasted the  heaven~”


Hey…… The original purpose of your visit was not to have  chicken. It was supposed to cheer up your leader! Go and cheer him up right now! 

So the members came out of the room after having the chicken until they were stuffed and began monitoring the MV. They said that it was a little awkward and novel to see the leader working alone.

RAP MONSTER “Yo, yo, microphone checker, yo, yo~”

J-HOPE & JIMIN “Shall we keep hawkish eyes on him?”

JUNG KOOK “WOW~ RAP MONSTER, you’re good !”

JIN “ from a professional actor view  , I think…….”

“He is our leader.”

The time flew by so fast  as the members pointed out his acting and praised, laughing and chatting. Now the members should go back to record songs. They disappeared as noisily as when they came in. Please check it through a video below!

SUGA is soothing the leader who is whining! He is asking desperately for vacation leave!”

“They left the place after leaving the strong smell of chicken.”


[Remember the time you met the rapper, RAP MONSTER!]

After the rapper getting all cheered up from the members, he is back to take next photo shoot. He transformed into charismatic rapper RAP MONSTER again!

RAP MONSTER “I feel so lonely without the members.”

RAP MONSTER “birth of masked RAP MONSTER

RAP MONSTER “Oh, I love bowed legs♬”

RAP MONSTER “Phew, I had hard time breathing with the mask on”

RAP MONSTER “masking his face up with different mask!”

RAP MONSTER “I hope you enjoy listening to my new album Mixtape. Please listen to it as much as you could!”


[Eng] RAP MONSTER <Do You> MV sketch! click here


The members have a faith that he will do great! Have you listened to the Mixtape tracks or watched the MV? Then set the tracks as your BGMs on this weekend. And please get your hope up for BTS’ solo concert that is holding on March 28-29. See you next week~


source: naver

Sungmin Blog Update Trans:
Title: I feel relieved now!!
Message: Sorry~!!
I had many worries these days so
I showed many tiredness
Sorry for not being professional~
I will smile and do well starting today!!!
Now that I emptied my heart
It`s much~ more comfortable!!
It seems that I`m already too late but
I will work hard in remaining Swing activities
and go go zoom towards 7jib!
Sorry and I love you~

(cr. @NKSubs)


[ENG SUB] 140702 B.A.P Starcast

Subbed and Translated by: BAPsubbers

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[ENG SUB] 140827 Starcast - B.A.P “Where are you? What are you doing?” Live Radio: Part 1/6

Subbed and Translated by: BAPsubbers

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Q:people are saying danger is a continuation of sherlock. is it true?
Taemin:yes, people are saying that. but it’s not that we planned it on purpose, it so happened as we were slowly preparing little by little, and danger (phantom thief) was created. what i spoke to my company about this album is that i wanted to show an image that shinee hasn’t done before, an image of mine that fans are familiar with, and an image that only the company knows. we gathered all these and danger was produced. actually there were a lot of impromptus this time. “because the MV set is like this, should we do this hairstyle? or wear these clothes?”. we kept on changing. until yesterday i was blond but now i suddenly coloured my hair again. the next day after we filmed the MV, we thought “should we colour it a little ligther?” and i coloured my hair again ((the silver hair))

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