Kyuhyun said he had a bad cold and flu on the day of this photoshoot. He said he fell asleep when he did this photoshoot and the photographers just kept taking pictures of him for about 10 minutes. When he woke up, he felt embarassed and the photographer said the photoshoot had ended and that he did a good job. (source)

This is funny but sad at the same times. I feel really bad for him. He must have been exhausted…

Sungmin Blog Update Trans:
Title: I feel relieved now!!
Message: Sorry~!!
I had many worries these days so
I showed many tiredness
Sorry for not being professional~
I will smile and do well starting today!!!
Now that I emptied my heart
It`s much~ more comfortable!!
It seems that I`m already too late but
I will work hard in remaining Swing activities
and go go zoom towards 7jib!
Sorry and I love you~

(cr. @NKSubs)


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