There are some guys who are extra sensitive, extra loving, and extra caring. They are 1 in a 100. They would give everything up for their girl. The girl in return bosses them around, gets everything she wants, and leaves him heart broken. These men may not get into another healthy relationship ever again. If they do the demons inside may haunt them forever. Sisters, if you’re blessed with such a guy treat him right. Show him the respect and recognition you know he needs. Don’t be the cause of him being filled with rage and
becoming skeptical of all women.
Men and women are meant to prosper together. Let’s understand each other, and have meaningful halal relationships. I’m tired of seeing men and women constantly heart broken…
May the controller of all hearts mend yours and mine.
—  Navaid Aziz

What type of husband should a woman be seeking?

1. Someone who is conscience of Allah so that he will never oppress you.

2. Someone who is known to be a generous person as they usually are not ill tempered, and won’t mind spending on you.

3. Someone who knows how to love so he can give you the affection you desire.

4. Someone who is goal oriented so that both of you can work towards Jannah together.

5. Someone with whom you are compatible!

Life lessons from Monopoly:

1- When you are done playing everything eventually goes back into the box. When you are done living you too will be placed in a box, and your wealth and properties will be of no avail to you.

2- In pure capitalism the strong will prey on the weak. When you facilitate such models you don’t give the weak a fighting chance.

3- When it comes to business there are no friends. Even the allies become enemies.

4- There are clear indicators for certain investments that they will be profitable or not, you must learn to read the signs.

5- Even though you may hold the dice, don’t actually control what you will roll. In life you must take the action and leave the results up to Allah.

—  Navaid Aziz