Bluestone Lane Coffee

Address: 55 Greenwich Ave New York NY 10014

Transportation: 1/2/3 to 14th St.

B/D/F to West 4th.

L to 14th St. Union Square

“Bluestone Lane’s West Village location just opened up and I’m guilty of stopping in every other day. It’s owned by Australians and has a nautical, beachy feel. The service is warm and friendly, the coffee is superb, and the design details are spot on. I could stay for hours!”

A Visual Guide to Sailor Tattoos

A dragon conveys that a sailor has served in China, and a golden dragon is given when a sailor crosses the International Date Line.

Hold written on one set of knuckles and Fast written on the other is meant to give a sailor good grip in the rigging. 

A shellback Turtle or King Neptune is earned when a sailor makes it across the Equator. 

A full-rigged ship displays that a sailor has been around Cape Horn. 

A tattoo of an anchor tells that a sailor has been a part of the Merchant Marines or crossed the Atlantic. 

During WWII, pig and rooster tattoos (sometimes one on each foot) were worn to prevent a sailor from drowning. Pigs and roosters were boarded in crates that floated, and subsequently, were said to have been the only survivors of some wrecks. 

A nautical star or compass rose was traditionally given so that a sailor could always find his or her way home.

A rope tattooed around the wrist suggests a sailor is or was a deckhand. 

All images and illustrations by Christina Sun at Bowsprite

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