Crow, Peter!

Here’s my first shot at traditional painting. It was quite the, uh, experience. Wish I could get a decent photo of it. Phone camera is preeeeetty crappy. It’s hard to tell, but the outline of the crows and Peter’s eye is in gold. 

Anywho, Peter Pan! Mmmyes. 

Think I spelled out my pun clear enough?


All the character work I got done for my Peter Pan project for school. Peter, Tiger Lily, Tink, Hook and the Crocodile. Had fun reimagining a story for this an thinking up all the little details on each character. Kind of want to redo this and get the style more concrete and stuff, but that’s another semester. I hope to take this further throughout my time at school, eventually ending up with a complete world/story. :3


I forget I draw sometimes. Have some sketches of OCs you don’t know. These will likely never be finished (though they may be experimented on with colors once I get my new puter). I like drawing expressions of disgust and disapproval it seems.


So I have this little short story thing in my head surrounding Pan and Artemis having a weird thing goin’ on. Kind of want to make it into a comic or a series of illustrations one of these days, but here’s some sketches for now. They are my Greek myths otp that start out adorable and end horribly. It’s all Aleister Crowley (and my and Cindy’s OCs) fault.

Did I ever mention I’m hilarious? No? No, maybe if you knew these characters it’d be more obvious. This basically sums up these brothers and their function in the roleplay they were in, yeah. Colt and Liroy Fudruckersons. I can’t remember their last name.