Talk about random illustrations! This is an old airbrush project I did about 3 years ago. We were supposed to give an interesting theme to the MTV logo and give it a “special” look.

I chose Sailor Moon, because I love her. Period. XD 

Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
This Artwork © Liz R.B (Naurcalad) 

I am a HUGE Sailor Moon. Usagi Tsukino and I basically have the same personality and it’s so funny because my best friend is just like Sailor Mars (she even looks like her). I’m rambling now… *Stops*

This is Para Para! One of the awesome girls of the Amazoness Quartet. They are extremely fun villains and eventually turn out to be Sailor Scouts (in the manga, not the anime version). She looks a bit older here, I tried to make her 17-ish. I always thought they were a little “too developed” for 14/15 year olds. XD

This is the first of a series of Sailor Moon villains! :D

Photoshop CS3 - Reference used.

Para Para & Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
This Artwork © Liz R.B

Naurcalad reporting for duty!

I’ve been meaning to do a tribute to Pokémon for some time now, it was one of my favorite shows when I was little and after many, many years of playing video games, the Pokémon games still keep me up at night! They’re simply AWESOME. Keep up the good work, everyone!


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El Diablo, ilustración para carta del tarot, inspirada en MALEFICA del cuento la Bella durmiente y en mi hermosa amiga Liz alias Naurcalad, aqui puedes ver algo de su arte 

Tarot card,inspired by Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and my beautiful friend Liz (Naurcalad)—> 


I’ve probably mentioned, but March is my least favorite month, right up there with December and its generalized madness… And it’s essentially because of my birthday.

It’s usually total and complete rubbish and, to this day, I can count with one hand the properly amazing ones I’ve had. This year’s has been building up to be it’s usual crap self, starting with the ridiculous battle that arose from what freaking cake I wanted and ending with the fact that chocohyung won’t be around >:( 

Having said that…

This Saturday I went out for giggles, coffee & cake with friends at a… bakery… coffee… place that’s completely stolen our hearts, and we had an über delightful time. Expect pictures of that table. It was a thing of beauty, all covered in cakes and treats<3

During all this Liz & Ka gave me their birthday present (djfasñkldjf “IKNEWIT” *se ahoga de la risa*) early, since he wouldn’t be around… and it was that. That beautiful, gorgeous thing I am holding, and hugging, and flailing over.


So, yeah. I got an early birthday present this weekend, and it was a lovely, proper Korean dictionary<3 One that’s full of goodies the one I have is missing… Like Venezuela. 베네수엘라<3

I have the best friends ever.