Dynamic Paintings by Aaron Li-Hill

Li-Hill is a Canadian visual artist currently based out of Brooklyn, who employs painting, illustration, stenciling, and sculptural elements within his works.  With a background in graffiti and mural painting and a degree in Fine Arts, his works range from smaller multiples to enormous murals that explore industrialization, scientific breakthrough, man versus nature and information saturation.  

He incorporates found objects and unconventional materials to structure complex multi-layered pieces that are as aesthetic as they are thought provoking. Li-Hill possesses a BFA from OCAD and has travelled and shown in countries such as Australia, Thailand, Myanmar, Mexico and China.  He has had works shown in such national institutions as the National Gallery of Victoria, The Art Gallery of Ontario and the Portsmouth Museum of Art in New Hampshire. His Facebook.

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Snippet Of Grace Jones Being Interviewed On Australian Current Affairs Program “Day by Day” in 1985.

One of my favourite Grace Jones interviews, she completely and casually dismisses all the comments the interviewer puts forward concerning her supposed aggressive nature, masculinity versus femininity, sexuality, and her deliberate attempts at being provocative and shocking.

The one line that just about summarizes this clip is, “I’m very much human.”

Happy Birthday Grace Jones!

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The effect of genetics versus the environment is around 50/50, a new study finds.

When it comes to personality, intelligence, health and many other factors, nature and nurture play their part equally.

To reach this conclusion, scientists have reviewed almost every twin study conducted in the last 50 years.

The research included data from 14,558,903 pairs of twins, measuring 17,804 individual traits across 2,748 separate publications.

“…there is overwhelming evidence that both genetic and environmental factors can influence traits and diseases.

What is comforting is that, on average, about 50 per cent of individual differences are genetic and 50 per cent are environmental.

The findings show that we need to look at ourselves outside of a view of nature versus nurture, and instead look at it as nature and nurture.”

While most traits were balanced between nature and nurture, this wasn’t true for all of them.

For example, bipolar disorder was found to be 70% genetics and only 30% environmental factors.

Schizophrenia was also found to be 70% genetic.

At the other extreme, social values are 70% shaped by environment and only 30% by genetics.


Simple, Stylish and Full Of Statement Pieces: Five Womenswear Collections We Love, So Far This Year. 

Maki Oh Fall 2015 RTW

Making use of Adire, Aso-oke, Akwa Ocha and Oja, all authentically Nigerian textiles, as seen in previous collections, designer Amaka Osakwe is once again on a creative mission to “continue to illustrate to the world (and Africans) that we have desirable, couture quality local textiles,” beyond imported Dutch Wax fabrics. And, once again, she does undoubtedly does so with this collection, which also explored the interesting origins of Mami Wata, full of structural but feminine cuts and silhouettes.

Watch the collection’s fashion film.

“Alien Nation” - Loza Maléombho F/W 2015

The collection explores a series of seemingly opposing dichotomies that come together in an almost natural aesthetic harmony; masculine versus feminine, functional versus structural, traditional versus modern. Titled ‘Alien Nation,’ a reference to her multicultural heritage and sense of social consciousness that inspired this portrait series, Loza blends various fabrics, patterns and accents (the raffia fringe trims are a reference to Zaouli dancers of northern Ivory Coast) to create a meticulously constructed unique body of work. Every item is a statement piece where high fashion and high art meet.

Omondi F/W 2015

Soft pastel palettes of various shades of cream, grey, blue, lilac and pink, coupled with her use of soft and silky fabrics make this one of our favourite collections of the season. The baggy and flow-y silhouettes of the pieces from the New York-based Kenyan Recho Omondi designer melt so easily into each other to create looks that are both dreamy and incredibly comfortable.

“MAASK” - Tsemaye Binitie Pre- Fall 2015

Simple, sleek and glamourous, the Nigerian designers Pre-Fall 2015 collection has a distinct air of effortless cool. As is the case with many African designers, Binitie distinctly mixes the traditional with the contemporary, accenting some of his pieces with his own rendition of masks common amongst various Nigerian ethnic groups. This, as well as Phyllis Galembo’s Maske series, is where the collection gets its name and inspiration.

“Wings by Deola” - Deola Sagoe 

Inspired by her daughter’s school project about moths, flies and butterflies, evident in the cuts, details, shapes and drapes in this Lakin Ogunbanwo-shot summer garden themed lookbook, the latest 37-piece collection from Nigerian designer Deola Sagoe is a breathtaking adventure into a world of indigo patterns and hues, silky silhouettes, femininity and spring time blooms. 

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anonymous asked:

#13 hotaru

Hotaru, #13: What kind of parent they would be

I just ran to get dinner, and I was thinking about this the entire time. It’s difficult, because there’s so much unknown about Hotaru. The greatest look at her personality that we get is in S, but I’m a strong believer in  environment contributing to development. Not nature versus nurture, but how nurture impacts nature. S-era Hotaru, for all intents and purposes, no longer exists. We don’t have a twelve or thirteen-year old sickly child, feared and hated by her peers, abused by her caretaker (Kaolinite), manipulated by the demon-possessed shell of her father, and groomed to be the herald to an inter-dimensional eldritch horror.

Now, she’s a nine or ten year old (TODAY, MAYBE) with three devoted parents, a sense of belonging, and the avatar of death and rebirth sitting in the back of her head saying “You go, girl.”


But we’ve seen criminally little of Hotaru in Stars, and I barely know who she is. It’s like trying to build a family home with only a $10 Home Depot gift card. I just don’t have enough materials to build who I think Hotaru is now. But “I dunno” makes for a pretty piss poor Ask, so let me push a bit further, if more scant on details than I’d like.

I do think that Hotaru remembers who she used to be, in the sense that I think she has memory of those experiences as having been hers. Her friendship with Chibi-Usa is real and based on how their relationship grew. She remembers the isolation and loneliness that she carried with her. These experiences aren’t necessarily front and center in her life anymore, particularly if she has newer and better memories to overwrite them, but they can and do poke through at times.

She’ll realize that is particularly true if she has a child of her own. (I won’t say “when” as I don’t know if I see Hotaru having kids at any point.) Hotaru has a keen protective streak in her, and she’s especially sensitive to the idea of her child being left out of things. Gods help EVERYONE if her kid might be bullied, like Hotaru will turn this Cycle around immediately, do not push her. She has a tendency, as well, to be a little smothering, a by-product of her childhood the first time around, and having three loving and doting parents the second. She’s not really a good gauge of where the line is for kids, and I see the teenage years where her child begins to pull away a bit as especially difficult for her.

But ultimately Hotaru would be an incredibly supportive parent. She believes, more than anything else, in the power of choice. Whatever her kid wanted to do – WHATEVER – Hotaru would believe in them and always be the first to cheer them on.



Last night, in an old brewery, somewhere in east London, where the paint was peeling and the pipes were dripping, Versus Versace launched its AW15 collection. HRH Donatella Versace and Versus Versace’s creative director Anthony Vaccarello were there, as you can see from these pictures. Christopher Kane and two of Paul Weller’s impossibly good-looking children, Leah and Nat were there too. As was Susie Bubble. In fact a lot of impossibly good-looking people were there. The impossibility of their good-looks was helped, naturally, by the Versus Versace and Versace Versace they were wearing. As two indie bands played – Zibra’s and Nothing But Thieves – images of the collection, as well as a video, were projected onto screens around the room. Natalie expected tartan, leather and studs and she was not disappointed. All were there in multitude. And despite the ubiquity of the word “edgy”, that’s what the collection and indeed the launch party was – edgy. Very edgy. It had the luxury sensibilities of Milan, the punk sensibilities of London and the alternative sex appeal of the girls you might find in Loaded magazine. A potent combination and one that we loved. 

Click here to see the Versus Versace’s AW15 collection.

By Ted Stansfield


The Butterfly Forest at Bristol Zoo makes my heart skip a beat. Not because it’s a manufactured tropical rainforest in suburbia. But because it contains some of the globes truly wonderful butterflies. I adore these unique & delicate creatures. This was my favourite, with its striking patchwork of orange tones, yellow strokes and white specks.  

Shortly after I had taken this photograph, we were reprimanded for handling the wildlife. Ooops! Great shot though!

anonymous asked:

Were there any femme Air Commanders in Vos?

*gives you a blank look as there is not enough facial plating on the entire population of Cybertron to show you how utterly stupid your question is*

Femmes typically have sleeker frames - that is, the transition from plating on one side of a major joint to the other side tends to be far more even than it does on other frames. A femme, therefore, might not encounter as much resistance in air - though the difference is minimal, given how Seeker frames command the atmosphere itself to ignore them.

My predecessor’s predecessor had that frametype, though she was a bit eccentric, if the tales had even a slight basis in fact. Her predecessor - if you’re interested in random and weightless statistics - there was a streak of femme-framed Air Commanders - seemed to have had a much better helm on her pauldrons.

Nature Vs Reality

you often hear or see people online saying in defence of their prejudices that  what they hate or are against is “not natural” or “goes against nature”. 

I have thought of  a great all purpose answer to such statement. Whatever they say, repeat back to them only replace   natural or  nature with Reality. Gays go against nature, becomes, Gays go against Reality. Saying it with reality makes it sounds so ridiculous because it is. What is Nature? What is Reality? They are the same thing, they are what exists, what has existed, what will exist. 

For anything to be natural it must  exist, for anything to exist it must occur through nature. We look at hexagons in beehives and say they are naturally occurring in nature, they exist. Anything and Everything is natural as it has been made through nature. Humanity forgets that it too is part of nature, that anything we do, anything we create is by association natural.  

so instead of saying “that’s not natural” say “that’s not reality”, and see how sane you sound.

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