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i just made a blog dedicated to drag and things of that nature bc your blog inspired me so much, I love your look as well as your art!! and you seem super nice <3 have a great day !!!

ahhh i’m so happy to hear my blog inspired you! thank you so much oh my god <3 I hope you have a wonderful day too xx

The Nature Of Blogging For Business

The Nature Of Blogging For Business

There are millions of individuals who go online everyday to browse the internet and gather information or data relevant to their endeavors or business ventures. These people are overwhelmed by myriads of information. A great load of information is uploaded in the internet every minute-studies, new products and services, news, and a lot more. All these are read by people around the world. If…

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You know how Tumblr has that thing now where if you like something it will show you other similar posts you might like

So I have been trying to follow more nature photography blogs and I liked a pretty nature photo and some other photos popped up and I went to the post and followed the blog without looking real close…….long story short I just found out I was following a White Supremacist Neo-Nazi blog who likes nature

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I see lots of nature on your blog, what fascinates you about it?

I can’t really explain.. It makes me calm. Whenever I find myself by the river or up in the hills or far away.. I always feel happier surrounded by nature than buildings