#beard #fitness #facialhair #naturalbeard #exercise #grizzlyman #yourslave #getonnit #justbecause I’m still trying to figure out the best use for this body. So far, driving is the only thing that makes me feel connected to it. The more in tune I become with my body, the more every bump, jolt, and vibration I feel behind the wheel and seat of a race car, no longer becomes me driving, but me becoming. Me seeing who I am. Racing is about lines. Finding the fastest line around the track is not alway the most ideal line. In fact, it’s the one you never thought of. It’s the line you get from the feel of the car. When you let go, and become one with the car. The same goes with these bodies we occupy. When we get it running at its most optimal, mind, body, and spirit, you can’t fail. Breathe, and listen.