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I just see a weird thing going on in nature and Mother Nature's on her way to fix it, kicking all the shit out of her path like "here coMES MOMMA NATURE". (My mind's a fucked up place)


So my two year old godson has a burn on his wrist, and everyone on facebook is debating the best remedy for it, from egg membrane to lavender oil with raw honey and I’m just like…. I think I have some burn cream. From the pharmacy. Which has taken the ingridents from raw honey and lavender and concentrated them. So they’re more effective. Which is what medicine is.

When I look down at him and we make eye contact, my heart swells to unimaginable lengths; I always have to fight back tears. When I smell the soft scent of his skin from the top of his head I get goosebumps. When his weight increases in my arms as he falls into a beautiful dream world, I feel blissful. It’s intense. It’s electrifying.

As amazing and magical that nursing is for me it didn’t always come naturally. It took work. Long painful days and nights of work. When Kane was born he was a whopping 4 pounds 11 ounces. He was so tiny that everyone was scared to even touch him. Of course with a small baby comes small body parts; like a small mouth structure. His latch was terrible. I would scream, I would cry, I would contemplate this whole breastfeeding thing. And it lasted for a mere month and a half. Now I’m sure you’re thinking “why not just give up, breastfeeding isn’t for everyone” but the thing is that for the whole nine months that I was carrying Kane nursing was the one thing I looked most forward to. I refused to give up so soon; and thank God I didn’t. Because one day with a pillow to bite on and trembling feet, I took a deep breath and went to latch Kane on to my chest and the pain was barely there. Day by day the pain lessened and lessened. I knew this was it. I suddenly started to feel the connection between us that I’ve heard nursing mommas brag so much about. It was a rush of emotion between Kane and I. It was magical. It’s an experience that changed me into a better person and into a stronger woman. My goal of nursing for a full year didn’t seem impossible anymore. I couldn’t be more proud of myself or my son for being so patient. There is no greater feeling than being a mom and there is also no greater feeling than being your babies only food source on top of all the love and nurturing they already come to you for.

Kane was born into a big family so sometimes he becomes a hot potato bouncing around from arm to arm, & as with any new mommy I can’t help but to grow anxious. So there’s no greater ease to that anxiety like when those big dreamy eyes meet mine and We know it’s time for a boobie break. Now I’m so sure that sounds selfish, but again I’m sure any new mommy -& breast feeding at that- can agree. It’s a chemistry so strong that I will cherish forever. I just can’t help but to picture myself being that odd mom nursing my 5 year old son in between breaks on the playground.

Something so magical yet natural but also so personal that I’m just starting to feel open about talking about. It truly is the cherry on top to motherhood. & I’m very grateful for the few that have interest reading about my little family ❤️


This dino is the first one that I stuffed with kapok fiber! I recently made the switch from Polyfil (a plastic fiber fill) to Kapok, an all natural plant fiber! It’s a bit of an adjustment, but I’ve been practicing on the smaller projects and now I love the kapok fiber so much more. It’s a bit denser than the polyfil, and it’s WAY squishier. It almost feels like memory foam. I was a little worried it would escape through the knit stitch holes, but it stays in place better than the Polyfil. I’m super happy to have made the switch. My main goal with all my knitting has always been quality and natural materials. Yay for safe, natural, hand knit toys for kiddos!

I had an impossible time capturing the teal color with my camera, it’s actually a super vibrant and gorgeous teal with pumpkin orange.

Here’s the link to the dino:


Cute momma squirrel. I wanted to get closer but I was a scaredy cat lol #squirrel #momma #scared #donttouch #natural #animals #whitegirlproblems #scaredofsquirrels #hahaha #claralvlocket #instagood #instaanimals #mightbitemytoes #mightjump #cute (at Stanton, California)

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is your hair natural or do you relax it? im thinking about a relaxer but everyones telling me itll mess my hair up so i dont know i just need a change

its natural my momma is very anti relaxer cuz it made all her damn hair fall out when she was young! if u r feeling a change i suggest braids or twists bc its a protective style so when u take them out ur hair will be longer and healthier!

Shits been mad confusing lately. Juss trying to find myself in momma nature. #daystoyourself #queen 🌸🌻😍