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Quick question: who in the guilld do you think would give Natsu and Gray the sex talk-I'm banking on a drunk Cana or Laxus or even Guild arts?

Ok. Hear me out.

Levy finds in a book something about sex (either novel or quick description). And she’s like really confused. So she goes around looking for someone who will help her understand. Someone happens to be those two idiots. Imagine the three trying to figure out what the fuck they are reading about, even recreating some of what they read. Like twister.

And then Guildarts finds them and feels the obligation to tell them

They will all deny this ever happened to this day.


New Nalu AU sketches

so these are the first sketches for a non magical AU short comic I’m planning.

I don’t want to spill many detailes right now, but some

Natsu finds an abondened cat. it’s leg is hurt, so he calls Gajeel to ask him which vet he goes to with Lily. Now guess who that vet is?^^

Natsu along with Gajeel, works in Gildarts’‘ car repair & paint shop, so I really have to practice drawing these overalls and cars 

right now I still don’t know if there’ll show up more than these characters, since I don’t want to make the whole thing that long. probably Cana since it’s Gildarts garage. Levy will definetly be mentioned, as well as others

Lucy is driving a Volkswagen Polo GTI 1998. (VW Polo is one of the most popular to have as your first car in Germany by the way)

just to warn you beforehand, I apperently suck at doing panels and page layouts. so let’s see how the whole thing turns out in the end :D

Erza: Well, Gray, how are you and Juvia doing?

Gray: What do you mean?

Erza: … I mean, how’s, you know, life? As a couple?

Gray: Ok, for the last time Juvia and I are not together. When is everyone going to stop this?

Erza: … Gray … I planned your wedding … 

Natsu: … I was your best man …

Lucy: Juvia’s picking up your kid from daycare right now …

Gray: You know, I’m feeling really attacked right now guys, seriously Juvia and I are not a thing!

Juvia: *arrives from daycare with adorable little boy* Gray-sama! We are ba —

Gray: *curled up in a corner rocking back and forth* We’re not a couple. It’s not a thing. It’s not!

Juvia: *sighs* Well, come on Gray Jr. Daddy is having “a moment” … again

I’m convinced Gray just has commitment issues.