4 Days of Request: Nalu requested by Anon
a coloring from the one shot ginsekai no shoumei; everyone mentioned how the 2 characters reminded them of natsu and lucy (and it did! i recommend reading it). i started this [coloring] in august and haven’t had motivation to finish it but i did b/c tis the season so here ya go! happy holidays everyone!!! xo

"Your voice was the nicest when you were calling out the names of the stars. It must be because you think the starry sky is beautiful!"
"I didn't want to see her disappear before my eyes."
natsu & lucy accidently bumped into each other under a mistletoe
  • Lucy:N-Natsu!
  • Natsu:What?
  • All the Guildmembers:Kiss already!
  • Lucy:Kyaa! >.<
  • Natsu:Why?
  • Mira:You are standing under a mistletoe!
  • Natsu:Uh, ok?
  • Gray:Flamebrain, you idiot! If two people meet under a mistletoe, they have to kiss.
  • Natsu:Alright, I get it!
  • Lucy:Natsu, let go of me!
  • Natsu:*kisses her*
  • Lucy:*blushes furiously*
  • Natsu *whispers*:That was nice, Luce.
  • Wendy *whispers to Mira*:I saw Natsu hanging that mistletoe there.
  • Mira *evil aura*:Interesting.