Oct. 30, 2013

Words cannot describe how incredible this week was. After seeing the USWNT for so long on a screen to finally see them in person was surreal.

Lauren and I went to their open practice on Tuesday and sat in the first row near the midfield. We were watching almost every player heading over to the Supporter’s Club area to sign autographs and the one player I didn’t think would head straight at us was Alex Morgan. She was so incredibly down to earth and kind giving each fan a huge amount of time to sign and take pictures with them. That definitely put her in a whole new light for me. It was a very cool experience.

The following day was game day. We sat right at midfield and man oh man those seats were nice! The entire night was just… *phew* so cool. The game ended in a 1-1 draw and sure, it would’ve been amazing to see a USA win, but it was a great night nevertheless.

You best believe we’re going to as many games as possible. I’m hooked and need more!

lololol but Jackie Burns is better. 

P.S. I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but there’s a photo going around Tumblr of the line for refunds, because Idina’s understudy went on the other day. And there’s a huge discussion going on discussing the implications of wanting a refund/getting a refund. Here’s the picture: (x)



These photos don’t even come close to showing how much fun I had this past week in Chicago. 

It all started on Sunday when I met Spencer for the first time in person with Lauren at her place. It’s odd just how fast we kicked it off and became amazing friends in just a short amount of time together. After a long bus ride from Cincinnati to Chicago we went to The Second City to see the Improv All Stars show (Spencer gets all the credit for finding this show!). My face hurt from laughing so much. The following day we pretty much explored as much as possible. We went to the Art Institute of Chicago, Navy Pier, the waterfront, and Millennium Park. So much time spent on our feet exploring what Chicago had to offer and even then we barely scratched the surface. The next day we saw The Book of Mormon (my first big theater show) and I was rolling with laughter through the entire thing. I’m hooked and I want to see more!

A short, but very fun week full of good food and some amazing times that’ll be difficult to top, but I can’t wait for us to try. Once we made it back to Ohio it royally sucked having to say good bye to these two amazing, beautiful, and insanely fun ladies. I cannot wait to see them again.

I miss you so very much Lauren, I miss you so very much Spencer, and I cannot wait for our next adventure.