HUGE Inuit hunted walrus skull for sale!! Walrus meat is a traditional staple to the aboriginal peoples of the North, and this incredible specimen was collected during a sustenance hunt in the Canadian Arctic.

Bearing tusks of pure ivory, this specimen is available exclusively in Canada!

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This has gotta be the good life 🎶🎶🎶 #OneRepublic #native #nativetour #zenith #paris


Water is Sacred – Not for Sale!

This video came out of California Native American Day, 2014, when Governor Jerry Brown dissed the Native community and didn’t honor his commitment to show up, because the March for Water was “too loud”.

Vote NO on Proposition 1!  It’s the Brown Water plan to build more “conveyances” to take more water from California’s tribal people and send it to agribusinesses and water brokers.


Native girls singing on campus.

Remembering Misty Upham

On October 16th, the body of Misty Upham was found after having been missing from her home on the Muckleshoot reservation since October 5th. A search party for Misty was coordinated by Misty’s family and members of Seattle’s Native community after the family received no support from the Auburn police department. Last Real Indians would like to pay our respects to Misty, her family and her friends in offering our sincerest condolences.

The following comes from Misty’s long time friend Tracy Rector:

“My name is Tracy Rector and I am a filmmaker in Seattle, WA. Ten years ago when we first started our Native youth filmmaking program, Misty took part in the intensive weekend as a mentor. She talked about her goals and dreams as an actress and of her passions as an activist. Misty had so much ambition, talent, intensity and many many original ideas. Through out the years I had the opportunity to laugh with her, present with her, teach with her and to honor her ever increasing body of work. It was and still is incredible to see such a bright individual shine with authentic creativity.

I am just heartbroken at the loss of a life so young and full of promise. Misty was a gift and a real character who brought smiles to many people. The following article by Ryan Gilbey is a very respectful piece with international recognition and grants Misty her deserved stature. She will never be forgotten!” ~Tracy Rector Director of Longhouse Media

READ MORE HERE: http://lastrealindians.com/remembering-misty-upham/