aaronthe13th replied to your post: I kind of liked my hair today

Adorable as ever! I love that leather cuff.

I’ve worn it since last march, so around a whole year. I used to have a hardcore tan line because of it, but I can’t wear it for work, so it’s faded a bit.

It has an inscription on it saying “I am enough. And that is revolutionary.” It’s a line from a poem by Carlos Adres Gomez, and is from the Distinctly Beautiful line at Nationwares.

I got it at just the right time in my life. I’m really attached to it, and sometimes just looking at it is enough to make me feel better. 

Also, my particular bracelet was made by a blind Guatemalan, so that’s pretty nice. Nationwares as a company is pretty chill (and kind of amazing), so all of ya’ll should look it up. 

I always love getting to hang out with the artisans and entrepreneurs that we work with. As my Spanish improves its fun to actually be able to understand them and laugh and joke around with them. This is Sarita and she’s hilarious and probably the best sales woman I’ve ever met! #nationwares #artisan #entrepreneur #guatemala #antiguaguatemala #sarita #instagood #mayan

Lola likes to think she’s my personal home office secretary. Whenever I’m in my creative and productive zone she tries to tell me things like “excuse me boss, but the water cooler, aka. my bowl needs to be refilled”. She can be a pretty annoying assistant but at least she’s super cute. #lola #bostonterrier #nationwares #secretary #homeoffice #workingfromhome #ilovemydog #gottalovebostonterriers #bostonterriersofinstagram #ilovebostonterriers

Today my work with @nationwares was featured in @darlingmagazine! Super humbled by them putting me in their “achiever embodied” category. I love what I do and NationWares serves as a constant reminder to me that I was put on this earth not just to enjoy it, but to share it with others. #blessed #nationwares #feature #darlingmagazine #article #interview #instagood #bethechange #entrepreneur #fashion #fairtrade #jewelry #accessories #fairtradefashion