nationaltreasure3 asked:

i just wanted to let you know, that in last weeks minecraft letsplay (on the 15), fiaysh was mentioned lol. i dont know if i spelt that right but yeah. IT WAS REFERENCED,


(btw, fiaysh was one of my past urls based off an Achievement Hunter reference for those that don’t know. :3)

nationaltreasure3 asked:

hey babe! i could kind of see through context clues that sone asshole tried to steal ur artwork. and thats SO NOT HELLA! >:^( it actually made me so fckn angry. i just wanted to say that ur one of my favorite people on this great earth and the second i come home i want u at my house 2 get turnt and forget about that and to have just a gr8 time! LOVE U <3

Aww, thank you so much, Clem! I am totally looking forward to seeing you again and getting turnt. Heh heh! :D I love you, buddy!