AA results 2015 Chinese National Championships

Real life got in the way of translating the results right after the competition, but here they are :)

Congratulations to Shang Chunsong, the new national champion!


I’ve had these pictures for awhile now and to be honest I was insecure to post them as you see my fat rolls and my stomach is hanging out.. but I decided to post them because not everyone would post a picture with their imperfections and it’s something that needed to be done.. I don’t care if I don’t have the skinniest body I’m happy with mine and everything it does for me💕🎀


Today was usapl 83kg men’s collegiate nationals. I was so excited I went 9/9 on my lifts and I think I did awesome. Idk my exact numbers cause I don’t dictate my numbers my coach does and idfk kilos so my actual lifts are a couple pounds higher/lower

I got
Squat 525lbs(70lbs meet pr)
Bench 315lbs (30lbs meet pr)(10lbs personal pr)
Deadlift 530lbs (25lbs meet pr)(5lbs personal pr)

Idk my coach didn’t give at least 545lbs on squat when she saw me blow it up in practice but I got all my lifts pretty easy my sister said she’d email me my lifts she didn’t get my bench cause you just see a dudes butt spotting me. I didn’t place well I got like in the 20s I didn’t stay cause I was tired af and I wanted to shower and I knew I wasn’t getting anything.

I’m really happy with how I did and I’m exited to go out and eat tonight