visitors to the Grand Canyon National Park got to see this stunning sight. This weather phenomenon is called a total cloud inversion, and it happens when the air near the ground is cooler than the air above it, creating a sea of clouds. While typically a rare event, this is the second cloud inversion at the Grand Canyon in six weeks. Photos by M. Quinn, National Park Service.

Top photo: The South Rim’s “Battleship,” which truly looked like a ship today, cutting through the waves. 

Middle photo: A timelapse of the clouds rolling into the Grand Canyon from Hopi Point on the South Rim of the canyon.

Bottom photo: Visitors viewing the inversion from Hopi Point along Hermit Road on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

Harper tells AFN national chief no to new dollars for FN education or missing women inquiry

Prime Minister Stephen Harper told the new leader of the country’s largest First Nation organization during a meeting Wednesday Ottawa won’t make any major investments in on-reserve education without first obtaining the type of reforms outlined in the controversial First Nation education bill that is now officially dead.

Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde said Harper told him the controversial Bill C-33 would not be introduced in the House of Commons, but the government also won’t be committing any major funds to education without major reforms.

“He did indicate that resources are tied to reform. He wants to see some reform in the educational system that he believes aren’t working,” said Bellegarde, in an interview with Nation to Nation hostNigel Newlove. “That has to be in place before any kind of resources move forward.”

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stillwishingonstardusst asked:

Bruh, I followed bc quality blog, but like , dude pleaseeeee tell another drunk story. That's what I'm really here for.


ALRIGHT I mentioned this story once already but it’s a great fucking story get ready hold on to your nips this shit’ll twist them right the fuck off it’s insane.

Alright so we’re throwing this riot let’s be honest it was like so far past a party it was a whole different level we were fighting with fire like literally vinyl gloves with cotton hand wraps soaked in lighter fluid and then we light them on fire and punch each other it was FUCKING RAD I wanted to put in a fucking eagle making sweet love to a gutiar here but I can’t find it and I’m too drunk for photoshop.

So yeah we’re drunk and we’re fighting with fire also we have road flares because I dont fucking know we just did.

Guys we should have died like no joke I should not be telling you these stories I should be buirried.

So we’re drunk and rioting and making terrible decisions except for Kyle. Kyle is being a suave motherfucker he’s talking to this girl her name is Laura anyways Kyle and Laura are hitting it off it is very going clearly going to result in sexy times the only problem is that before Laura showed up Kyle agreed to firefight me and gues swhat motherfuckers IF YOU PROMISE ME A DRUNKEN FIGHT THERE BETTER BE A DRUNKEN FIGHT OR THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY

So Kyle tells Eric “hey I’ve got this thing I need to eat it’s super important can you take my fight” like that’s literally what he said so Eric is just like “sure dude yeah I can do that” the problem being that I already fought Eric that day and Kyle and I had some recent roommate issues taht we had to deal with and guys cards on the table I just really wanted to punch Kyle in the throat with my burning fist.

So there are some issues that I need to take care of because of the combination of overly subtle double entendre and me being too drunk and focused on punching things to notice Kyle trying to get his game on so I do what was really the only reasonable thing to do I take out my drunken rage and disappointment on Eric.


So the real problem here is Laura only partially understands how fucking insane we were. She was NOT prepared for a screaming young man covered in neon paint (did I mention we painted ourselves?) lobing a flare into the room and trying to punch her partner in the face while she lay naked in his bed. To be fair, I don’t think anyone would have been prepared for that.

To be more fair I don’t think anyone was ready for Kyle’s response which was to launch out of the bed whip off the condom mid air and slap me across the face with it.


Nothing stops a fight quite like getting slapped with a condom. Like for most people there probably is like a disgust part to it like “ew that was on a dick or in a vagina/butthole and now it’s touching my face” but really for me it was more the disappointment in myself for interrupting someone having fun.

Like guys if I ever interrupt someone having sex it will literally ruin my night that’s not cool guys party foul bro party foul.

Anyways there’s some loud apologizing and I throw the flare back into the halla nd also threaten to punch anyone hwo follows me into the room and I leave and I fight Eric but like my heart isn’t really in it you know like I’m punching him but I just don’t feel anything and Kyle and Laura have a great time and they hook up a bunch of times after so YAY HAPPY ENDING!

Also, we did eventually have that fight, and I may and or may not have punched Kyle in the throat and made him throw up. Fun fact: if you drink enough your vomit is flammable.

Big news: The rare Sierra Nevada red fox was recently spotted in Yosemite National Park in California. The confirmed sighting, which was captured with a remote motion-sensitive camera, is the first time this species of fox has been seen in Yosemite National Park in nearly 100 years. The Sierra Nevada red fox of California is one of the rarest mammals in North America, likely consisting of fewer than 50 individuals. National Park Service photo.