(n.) Forest solitude. The term consists of two separate words: Wald meaning “wood/forest” and Einsamkeit meaning “loneliness” or “solitude” and although it describes a feeling, it is often used in speech as if it were a physical place. The concept of Waldeinsamkeit might seem scary or unsettling (the idea of being alone in the woods), but it is definitely a positive thing: it suggests a calm, contemplative atmosphere amidst a beautiful setting. When translating into English, words like “solitude”, “meditation”, and “contemplation” are often used, as is the phrase “being at one with the universe”. However, it is so specific that it is difficult to find an English equivalent.

The Letter. Paul Meyer, also Meyer-Mainz (German, 1864-1909). Oil on canvas. 

Meyer-Mainz trained under Peter Janssen, Eduard von Gebhardt and Bouguereau. He worked in Munich where he exhibited in 1892 to 1893. He was awarded an honourable mention in Berlin in 1889, and a medal in Chicago in 1893.


Alexa Feser- Glück

Witchblade <3
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Photo: Lilif Ilane
Model, make-up: me
Witchblade outfit made by me


Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Friedrich von Flotow! (27 April 1812 – 24 January 1883)

From our stacks:

1.-2.  Page of music and portrait of Flotow from Marta, Opera Semiseria in Quattro Atti di F. De Flotow.  Milano: G. Ricordi & C., n.d.

3. Title page of Alessandro Stradella, Romantische Oper in 3 Akten von Fr. v. Flotow.  Klavierauszug.  Hamburg, Joh. Aug. Böhme, n.d.

4. Engraving of Flotow from Martha or The Fair At Richmond, A Comic Romantic Opera in Four Acts.  Music by Friedrich von Flotow.  New York: G. Schirmer, 1902.


Nargaroth - Black Metal ist Krieg


Einfach gute Songs #73:

Maeckes - Hohe Erwartungen

“.. und bei manch einer Erwartungshaltung ist das Verfallsdatum längst abgelaufen.”