Sister Rosetta Tharpe playing her National Guitar, 1938. Photo by James J Kriegsmann.

Tharpe (1915-1973) was one of gospel music’s first superstars, the first gospel performer to record for a major record label (Decca), and an early crossover from gospel to secular music. Tharpe has been cited as an influence by numerous musicians, including Bob Dylan, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, and Johnny Cash.

Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) photographed live in the House of Blues Cleveland April 16th 2015. Jessie Malin and a re-united Sweet Children opened for Green Day who played their first gig in over a year.


Son House, Preachin the Blues, 1967.

Son House gives a short interview and plays his masterpiece of apostasy–Preachin the Blues.


Booker White, Poor Boy Long Way from Home