“Besides being one of New York’s most important and controversial photographers, Andres Serrano is a longtime friend. In these photographs, the large scale and the angle of the poses lend a heroic quality to the rapper, the Boy Scout, and the pilot. These works are from Serrano’s photo series and book America, which set out to document the cultural reality of our nation today. The series also included such diverse personas as a Playboy Bunny, a homeless man, a firefighter, a street vendor, and a museum director—that’s me.

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[#AndresSerrano (American, born 1950). America (Snoop Dogg), 2002. © Andres Serrano] #BKMphotography

He could feel the hole inside, blacker and deeper than the dark current. Everything was missing. Nothing was where it should be. He was here on this lonely shore, and all he could think of was the silly questions that children ask…Why do things end? How do they start? Why do good people die? What do the gods do? And this was hard, because one of the Right Things for a man was: Don’t ask silly questions. And now the little blue hermit crab was out of its shell and scuttling across the sand, looking for a new shell, and there wasn’t one. Barren sand stretched away on every side, and all it could do was run….
—  Terry Pratchett, Nation

Stephen Colbert Says Goodbye to The Report 

Only one news show could end with the host climbing into a sleigh with Santa Claus, Abraham Lincoln and Alex Trebek — and that news show is The Colbert Report, which has it’s final episode last night. The finale marks the end of 9 years of Stephen Colbert’s reign as the conservative foil to Jon Stewart, a beloved anchorman to his devoted fans (The Colbert Nation), and as one of Comedy Central’s biggest hits ever. 

During the course of the finale, Colbert cheated Death, became immortal, did one final segment of “The Word” on the topic of the show’s legacy, and led a celebrity-filled sing-a-long to “We’ll Meet Again” with some of his favorite guests and friends of the show (literally too many celebrities to list here). 

In true Colbert fashion, Stephen didn’t break character at all, not once alluding to his move to take over as host of The Late Show on CBS next summer. Sadly, that’s how viewers know this is the last they will see of this version of Stephen. 

For long-time fans of The Report and The Daily Show, Stephen’s final send-off to Jon Stewart might be too bittersweet to watch. But you should watch it anyway here. Try not to get emotional. 

Images: Stephen meeting Santa Claus, Stewart handing off to Colbert one last time, via Comedy Central