The Day I Saw Your Heart at the NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL!

My best friend Brittany has been running and planning an event for the French Spotlight at the Newport Beach Film Festival that’ll be held on Tuesday, May 1st at 8:15PM. I just found out today that Et Soudain, Tout Le Monde Me Manque (The Day I Saw Your Heart) is opening! The film stars Mélanie Laurent, written and directed by Jennifer Devoldère, and scored by (drumroll, please!) Nathan Johnson! I’m super thrilled this is playing the event!

If you’re in the Orange County, Newport Beach or L.A. area (or even if you’re not!) you should definitely come to the event! Ticket includes the film, an after-party with live entertainment and an open bar!

More information? »» Find tickets HERE

I can’t wait for this night! :o)

"Face Your Past, Fight Your Future"
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an interview with Mr. Nathan Johnson