Kolvina headcanon

My headcanon for the season finale is that at the very end of the episode we see Davina in the tomb working on a spell and then we hear a familiar voice saying “Davina?” and Davina turns around with wide eyes and she says “K-” and then it cuts to the credits.

Hey guys.

I made the oc blog for my two angels I wanna get started on here’s the link to their blog. It’s a side blog though so there’s that. XD Their names are Raziel and Zaphriel. Which their fcs are Josh Hutcherson and Nathaniel Buzolic. :D


It’s still under construction, I have to get the rules, verse page, and about page set up and I will work on that tomorrow afternoon, in the mean time go follow it and I will transfer any rps I have of my two angels on there. Thanks guys. :D