Monster in Me // Jamie and Nathaniel

Jamie let the sand swirl around his fingers, happy that his master had allowed him to learn the technique. It wasn’t perfected, or as strong as the Nightmare King’s but it got the job done. He needed fear to survive so he did what he needed to do, he helped spread the nightmares, and the worst part was after awhile he started to enjoy it. He could make people crumple in on themselves, begging in there sleep for the bad dreams to go away.

He found that he gravitated to loved ones, his mother, Sophie, he had even stopped by the Music Shoppe and just sent some negative energy to Brunnie. He never let anyone see him though, he knew they’d fight him and try to get him to come back. He couldn’t though. He tried, and got punished for.

He was standing over one of his favorite beds, watching silently as the teen slept soundly. Nathaniel. Once they were so close, they had even loved each other, now Jamie couldn’t afford thinking about those feelings.
 He watched as the golden sand danced above his head, some distant memory of the two of them. He flicked his wrist and a stream of black sand jutted forward and engulfed the shimmer figures, turning them black. One figure fell to the ground screaming and the other looked helplessly on.

A devious smile slipped onto Jamie’s cracked lips, “That’s better.”