Monster Girl themed mini-zine for our art department sale!!! ((ps if youuu are a cool person who likes cool art and are in the CSUN area between today and tomorrow, you should check it out!!! lots of awesome stuff + if your interested in this particular piece they’re going for  $5 a pop uvu)) If they do well enough I am definitely considering putting them up for sale online too so we’ll see what happens haha

He scrambled around the living room, snatching up discarded weapons and magazines from the boys, mumbling under his breath in his worry. It was then that he heard it. The telltale sound that lead to him hunching his shoulders and puffing out his cheeks.

"Aidan Malti Mackay! Och! Boy! I hanne seen ye in years…”

"You’re early," he rumbled, spinning on his heel and standing straight once again, arms burdened. "You weren’t supposed to be here until tonight…"

"I figured I’d hop a bus early," the young woman standing there smile widely, revealing beautiful white teeth that contrasted to her fiery red and rather curly hair. "With how you sounded over the phone, figured you could use another hand…"

"You’re freelance, usually don’t work unless it’s for money…" Aidan grumbled, tossing his load onto a couch to cross his arms, "I don’t have any…”

Och!” She chastised as he dropped the duffel back that was over her shoulder, coming forward with her arms open as if inviting him for a hug.

Ansen’s progress past the room instantly stopped upon seeing the new arrival and the small smile upon Aidan’s face as he did walk towards her, arms outstretched as well. But he couldn’t contain a small snort at what transpired next.

Upon her ending up two steps away from him, she brought back one of her arms and curled her fingers into a fist before rocketing said fist forward, crashing it across Aidan’s jaw before bellowing out at him, “Yera fuckin’ idiot!”

"Love you too, sis," Aidan grumbled, rubbing his sore jaw before his attention was pulled onto Ansen. "Oi! Shut up!"

"She’s half your size and build and she can still wail on you, Aidan!” Ansen stated, slightly worried about his friend.

"And who might this be, Aidan?” She asked, swaying her hips as she came towards him, a charming smile coming to her lips. “Name’s Nathaira Mackay… I’m Aidan’s wee sister…”

"Something you remind me constantly of,” Aidan moaned out.

At the slightly confused look upon Ansen’s face, Nathaira pouted, “Whit? He neva tol’ ye aboot me?” He noted silently that her Scottish accent was rather thick. And he shook his head, causing her to sigh. “I knew I shouldnta let him get away with tha!” She stood her ground, all five foot two of it, but didn’t reach out for him, didn’t touch him - a vast difference from Aidan. “An ye?”

"His name’s Ansen… all ye need ta know, sis," Aidan rumbled out. "An don even thin aboot it!"

"Don’ tell me whit ta do, Aidan! Och! I’m not a child!” She countered back onto him as she spun to eye him critically. And Ansen just watched, slightly intrigued as Aidan seemed to back off, to listen to her. And he could already tell he was going to like her.

"Nathaira, eh?" He murmured to himself as he watched her point and waggle a finger at her brother. Things just got a little more interesting.

Hannibal mermaid AU - Condanna, pena e maledizione by FuriarossaAndMimma

Dedicated to all my mer-friends: gabrielsangel , Nathaira-From-Hel , frozen-cherries , DearLadyJekyll .
The words are from the lyrics of Salvation, a song from Negrita. The text is in italian and his meanings is, more or less,
"Your beauty is condemnation, is punishment and curse
We are history of blood and prevarication”

They are exploring a great lake, so they are in freshwater… this is the motive for goldfishes.
And the motive for the lyrics is… that I was listening to this song while I was coloring the sketch. We can imagine that Hannibal is singing this one to his favorite merman. So, yay! Finished work.

This work is also available as print, t-shirt, stickers, posters and other things on RedBubble:
Version 1. http://www.redbubble.com/people/furiarossa/works/12657117-hannibal-sea-warlock-and-little-merman-1
Version 2. http://www.redbubble.com/people/furiarossa/works/12658671-hannibal-sea-warlock-and-little-merman-2
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Soooo for my birthday this year my dearest shakestinyfist wrote me a fic based on stuff we’d talked about regarding pre!Pythos Nat and I loved it so much that I decided to turn it into a comic uwu Which ended up turning into a collaboration between the two of us since I’m adding a couple parts to it and illustrating while she wrote the bulk of it!!! 

I’m really excited to work on this, here’s to hoping it goes well!

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