(with the rest of the crew, cause they are basically Nate and Sophie’s kiddos at this point.)

shops for groceries: Sophie because she doesn’t trust Nate not to take pity on some poor wronged cashier and attempt to take down the large chain store she works for
kills the spiders: Nate. Sophie isn’t scared of insects, but she acts like she is so he can be her knight in shining armor once in a while.
comes home drunk at 3am: Me, because these two are going to drive me to drinking lol
makes breakfast: Eliot. Because he and Hardison snuck in the apartment to watch the big basketball game.
remembers to feed the fish: Parker. She complained until Nate and Sophie let her get one beta fish.
decorates the apartment: Sophie. Nate’s style is too minimalistic for her
initiates duets: Sophie. Currently her fave is ‘Love is an Open Door’ from Frozen. Nate begrudging knows the whole movie by heart now.
falls asleep first: Sophie, because he likes to watch her fall asleep.

Bonus fluffy headcannon: Sophie wants to roleplay in the bedroom. Nate finally agrees to, but ends up laughing so hard at her bad acting that the mood is ruined and she gets super pissed. But eventually they have sweet makeup time, sans roleplaying.