This wave was a really serious wave and place to be this day. When the swell went from a 12 second period to 19 seconds in two hours making as you can see pretty damn hard to miss the keyhole in. See the black spot in the white water, yep thats a guy struggling against what i would of said to be about a 6 knot current. Tough times. The amount of energy and water moving across this bit of reef was out of control. This is Australia. 

Ah you found me, ok so im in Hawaii and its only a few days out from Christmas and i have some packing to do to get out of here and make it back just in time for a day of relaxing, seeing friends and family.

So check in again soon and hopefully ill have some images and few bits and pieces on here to tantalize your eyes.

Until then Merry Christmas and stay out of trouble.


As the sun set on the 14th Dec 2012 Australian Surfing changed for the better, a new froth was created when Gold Coast man of Style and father of 3, idol to millions brought home the 2012 World Surfing Title and the cherry on top, The Pipe Masters Trophy. I was shipped out to cover the Pipe Master and Title run by Tracks Mag and was kindly given the green light to lurk at the Billabong house with a few other lucky / privileged industry types, close friends and family to cover what is possibly one of the greatest Title runs Australian Surfing has seen in a long time, if not ever. As the time clock wound down and things drew to a close it was done, Joel had won it all, holy shit World Champ, Pipe Master - this house was going to be busy. Joel was swiftly brought back to the Bong house to a crazy emotion filled front yard which overlooks Pipeline, the cheers and celebrations were loud, wet and fucking awesome. I was lucky, I was there frontline and dodging champagne corks like I was in some kind of war - but a friendly war. Here is a shot that I grabbed in amongst all the mayhem and festivities. Well it`s home time now, Merry Christmas, and thanks Joel for the shot.

Been a while since i`ve last posted something as its been a busy start to the year. Back to back trips and a few other things keeping me sidetracked from my Tumblr. 

Here is one place that is currently laying dormant until the Autumn and Winter Swells start to bring it back into life. My favourite place in the whole world to shoot and to just watch, onshore or offshore this place has many faces that mesmerize the soul.

OURS - Last Winter 2012