Imagine…you wake up one morning and look to your left and see this💕You thought that he was so cute when he slept😍 you had to take a picture and post it on twitter with the caption “Waking up early means I get to see you asleep😉 @natemaloley.”


Dream Team: Young Avengers

Tommy Shepherd | Speed    Cassie Lang | Stature

Eli Bradley | Patriot                Kamala Khan | Ms Marvel

Jonas | Vision                         America Chavez | Miss America

Nate Richards | Iron Lad        Kate Bishop | Hawkeye

David Alleyne | Prodigy          Sooraya Qadir | Dust

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Take My Hand -Jack Gilinsky- Part two

Enjoy. :)

The moon was out and the stars were illuminating the sky, vividly. It was a beautiful night for an adventure.

“So, where exactly are we going?” I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear from the wind blowing through the crack in the window, making it all rush into my face. “I told you! We’re taking a trip down memory lane! Be patient!” He rest his hand on my thigh. We took a 10 minute drive through the country side. He pulled over on the side of an abandoned road. “You’re not going to murder me, right?” I joked with him. He laughed. “No silly! Come on!” He pulled me from the car and we walked hand in hand through a group of trees with a flashlight. It felt like a three mile walk. We made our way near a clearing and I couldn’t figure out where he was taking me, until I seen the abandoned tire swing and the dark shadows of the slides. “Stand here.” He ran up to a pole and began inspecting the metal box attached. Suddenly there were lights over the abandoned playground. “Holy shit. I can’t believe that worked!” He chanted gleefully at his handy work! “Come swing with me!” I can’t believe this place still exists.  He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the rusty swing set. “I bet I can go higher than you, jack!” I pushed off the hard dirt ground, leaning my head back. “In your dreams!”  He challenged me.  I started to slow down, and look around.  This place was indeed familiar, but I couldn’t remember why. “Hey, Jack.”  He stopped and brought his gaze to mine. “Yes, ma’am?” I couldn’t figure it out.  ”This is really nice and everything, but…why exactly are we here?” He looked dumbfounded.  ”(Y/N)! You don’t remember crowley playground?! ”  He grabbed me by the arm. “Get over here.  Let me show you something.”  He lead me to a row of old monkey bars. Missing most of the bars of course. He lift his shirt sleeve past the bend of his arm.  ”Do you see this scar?” He ran his hand over the welted skin right below his elbow. “Exactly 6 days after we met in Mrs. Brysons 4th grade class.  Connor Bradford was making fun of your new haircut and he made you cry. Remember?” I began to laugh.  I knew exactly where this was going.  ”We were walking home from school and you seen him on the monkey bars in this park.” I ran my fingers across the soft skin on his scar. “Damn, right I did.  I ended up with 8 stitches, but that little bitch never bothered you again, did he?” I couldn’t contain the laughter anymore.  ”You were my knight in shining armor, jack. ”  I lightly kissed his lips.  ”You still are.”  I wrapped my arms around his torso and took in his scent.  He smelled so amazing.  ”Hey, we have to go! We have two more stops to make!” He playfully smacked my ass and drug me back to the car.

"So, where to now?!" he grinned from ear to ear.  "You’ll see!" We made our way back to downtown omaha, listening to some of our favorite songs.  We pull into the parking lot of Westside High School and circle around the back to the football field.  "Here we are!" He pulls the keys from the ignition and we sit in silence for a second. "Do you know why we’re here (y/n)?"  Because…we went to school here?  We clearly had many memories at westside both good and back.  "Not…entirely." He sighed and came around to open the door for me. "Lets try this again!" We walk up the entry way to our football field.  The gate was locked.  "Alright, you first."  He gets down on one knee to hoist me over the locked fence.  "Okay, Jack.  Now, youre just insane! This is ILLEGAL!"  Again, he sighed.  "Come on, (y/n)! This will NOT have the same effect standing outside of a gate!"  It was so hard saying no to those puppy dog eyes.  "Why do I ALWAYS cave so damn easily?! This isnt fair!" I smacked his arm as he hoisted me over the metal fence.  I walked over the gate and opened it from the inside. Of course Jack being…well, jack…decided to scale the fence anyway.  "Was that necessary?" He looked at me in disbelief.  "Uhm…yeah.  Why should you get all of the fun?! Now, hop on!" I jumped onto his shoulders and he carried me piggyback up the walk way and underneath the bleachers beside concession before setting me down.  "Now, do you know where we are standing?"  I remember a lot of gatherings under these bleachers.  A lot of marks left unexplained to my parents. I just giggled.  "Just in case you don’t, allow me to remind you." He grabbed my face in his strong hands and abruptly smashed his lips against mine.  He lift me legs around his waist before pressing my body against the stone wall behind us.  Our mouths meshing into one, as a passionate fire takes over.  Jack bites down on my bottom lip as a light moan escapes my mouth, in which he takes full opportunity to dart his tongue into my mouth as a happily oblige.  My hands in his hair.  His hands on my waist.  "Ringing, any bells?" He shows me his perfect smile and raises an eyebrow.  Suddenly, theres a light in our face.  "Hey! You kids can’t be here! You’re trespassing!" Jack defensively holds his hands up before quickly pulling me away from the field. We hurry back to the Jeep and sit in silence for a second before bursting into laughter.  "Yeah, that definitely rang a few bells."  I rest my head on his shoulder as we took off.  "Well, this is it.  Our last stop as a non married couple, are you ready for my finale?"He made my heart melt with every word.  ”Bring it.”  We pull into a field where there are two other cars parked.  ”What are we doing here, Jack? You know Mr. Pierce hates us.  He will murder us if he knows were on his land. ” He again sighed.  ”Baaaaby.  Stop worrying! I took care of this, okay? Trust me!” We got out of the car, and jack goes to the back hatch and pulls out his backpack.  Curiosity ensues.  ”Hey, bro.  Lets go! We’re gonna be late!” I know that voice.  That smug, frat boy voice. “Is Sam here?!” I snap my head to jack.  He just laughs.  We walk through the field a few minutes more.  I know exactly where he’s heading. The pierce family have a private lake.  We used to sneak out here and swim during the summer. Jack and I had our first date here. “Care for a late night swim, my lady?” He asks, the reflection of the moon on the water creating shapes against his flawless skin. I never even responded as jack pulled out two towels from his bag.  I just removed all of my clothing and ran for the water. “Cannon baaaaaaaall.” There was a massive splash right to the left of my head.  ”Hey baby girl.”  Called it. “Hey sammy.  Ya doof!”  He gave me a light hug before splashing water in my face.  ”Hey hey! Hands off my girl.” Jack swims up behind me placing an arm around my waist. “Now all we need is-” ..”Cannon baaaaaaaaaaall.”  The water from an additional body barely missing my face.  ”Johnson, perhaps?”  He popped his head out of the water and spit water at me.  ”Now its officially like being in high school again.” We all laughed. We swam for hours it seemed. “Remember that girl Sam went down on outside that breakfast joint?” Johnson made fun. “You mean, Kaylee?” I speak up.  ”Shes in my bridal party!” We all laughed once more.  ”Damn.  You think shes do it again?” Johnson jokingly tackled sam into the water.  We spent the next hour talking about anything and everything.  I look down at my phone 3:40 am.  ”Shit. Its insanely late.” Jack checked the clock on his phone.  ”Damn.  Is it really already 4 am?”  I simply nodded.  ”Lets get you back, baby girl.” He carried me out of the water and I said my goodbyes to Johnson and Sammy. 

10 minutes later, we arrived back at Cassie’s house.  ”Jack, I honestly dont know what to say.  This night, blows everything out of the water.  Reliving some of our greatest moments.  It felt like we were back in high school again.  Not a care in the world. I love you so much baby. You know how to make me feel like a queen without even trying.”  He lifted my chin to look at him. “Hey. As long as I have you, I don’t have a single care in the world, any way.  I love you Mrs. Gilinsky. More than life.  I can’t wait to get it in writing. Now, get that cute little ass of yours in bed.  You’re going to need your beauty sleep.  You wont be getting much tomorrow night.” He winked at me and gave me one last peck on the lips as I opened the passenger door. “Youre such a tease.”  I give him my best seductive glare before stepping out of the car.  He rolled the window down one last time, as I approach the front door.  ”Hey you!”  I turn back to him with a small grin. “8 hours and 24 minutes. You’re mine.”  


This ended way too abruptly.  Im sorry for the shitty editing and ending.  Its awful, but I promised to post it tonight, so here it is.  and..yeah.  Im sorry its so bad. 

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