ALRIGHT GUYS! This project of mine is starting to really take off! I’ve been busy selecting queens to interview and it’s going fantastic! Next week is Makeup artist week and the week after that I will start posting more drag queens! So here’s the current lineup that have agreed to be interviewed by me! Next week will be Joseph Harwood and Thomas Ryan…and the rest of these beautiful people are queens who have been requested by a couple followers and a few I have selected myself! Laganja Estranja, Kelly Mantle, Tammie Brown, Natasliah, Venus D’Luna, and Jayy Von Monroe :) I hope you all are just as excited because I’m absolutely PUMPED! ✌️💋 xoxo

@killnatasliah YOU’RE AMAZING AND GORGEOUS!!!!! Love you’re videos! Love you as a person! LOVE the fact that you’re 17 and you are already steadfast in what you believe and who you are without caring too much about the cock-sucking haters!!! Nothing wrong with a bit of vanity, you have a lot to be proud of ❤❤ #perfectandrogyny #natasliah #rolemodel

THIS WEEK! Chloe Knox has an interview getting released on Tuesday and Natasliah has an interview for Thursday! Show them love and follow their instagrams!

Chloe: chloeknoxxx

Natasliah: killnatasliah


The new Perfect Androgyny trailer.

Fucking awesome.