you said something about keeping your blog kpop free so i didn’t know what to do!! so i’ll just write this!

first of all, i love you. just bc i forget what i’m doing doesn’t change that. ;_; you’re a ray of sunshine and you’re spunky and you make me laugh all the time. you’re really special and unique and i know you think you’re just being dumb, but that’s not what it is!! you’re just quirky, funny, lovely you! that’s all, nothing dumb at all. i admire how you’re always so happy like that, instead of me, who’s bitter all the time. but yet you talk to me all the time anyway and u never fail to put a smile on my face!!

i want you to be happy, you’re like a sister to me. if i could help myself i would want to help you next, in whatever endeavors you choose!! but right now all i can offer is my friendship and hope you forgive me for not being as talkative as i wish i could be, or for not being as good a friend to u as i want to be. despite all that, i really REALLY care about you natasha! <3 you’re special. and i hope you realize that in time!!

happy birthday beloved natasha !! ♥