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Charcoal study, bit rusty but I wanna get back into it! (You can see more WIPs at my Instagram!) And a mini progress video here.

  • me:look i'm straight but i would totally make an exception for scarlett johansson
  • me:or natalie dormer
  • me:or kristen stewart
  • me:or felicia day
  • me:or jennifer lawrence
  • me:or taylor swift
  • me:or eliza taylor
  • me:or that chick from that comercial
  • me:or the girl who served me at mcdonalds
  • me:or that really pretty girl over there
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:wait
  • me:ooooohhhhhhhhh
Unfortunately, Portman was increasingly difficult to deal with on set- some of the crew say she made several actresses playing her handmaidens, including Keira Knightley (age twelve in The Phantom Menace), cry in the previous prequels, allegedly for the crime of talking to her without permission.

Chris Taylor, How Star Wars Conquered the Universe (p 343)


// Fandom: Satan and Me
Pairing: Angel!Michaelie
Title: Forgiven
Summary: He still seems mad…
Warnings: THERE IS A CAT and also takes place right after the most recent update, so there are slight spoilers
A/N: I dedicate this one to my two friends hippywhippy and delightfullydanni. You both are so great, and don’t forget it. uwu \

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