"She's a title holder, I was a born a champion"

I have a problem when a face is acting like a heel like that line is not only offensive to AJ which I mean AJ did say she got in WWE cause of her family which is a lie but that is offensive to all the divas. Just saying.

xatasha said:

Zyra and Natalaya with your pick -Thirst Thursday... do et


Zyra’lith and Alvaris
Alvaris is blind, so Zyra’lith could look however she wants, he would never care or notice. He’s about personality, someone who is strong and capable, but obedient. Zyra’lith is certainly a strong and capable woman, she works hard and has gotten many places from the work she has done. But she’s obedient to her work, and serves those above her. In Alvaris’ mind, if he could convince her he was her better, it would go rather well.

Overall: 6/10

Natalaya and Alorinis
Natalaya is well trained and a Sang’rouge, so she certainly looks good. For looks Alorinis is mostly about the chest of a woman, so he’d find her pretty good looking. Beyond that, she’s a dedicated person and has ambitions, which is something Alorinis always likes in a woman. She looks like a person who wants to have a good time, but isn’t afraid to get down to business.

Overall: 7/10