A few weeks ago we had our Rockstar Day here at redpepper, and all the stars came out for the party… everybody from David Bowie to Cher to Madonna to Fred Durst and beyond. 

Let me just say, I’ve always enjoyed our dress up days here at redpepper because of the mystery factor. You never know who your coworkers will show up as on the day of the event. And for several weeks leading up to our Rockstar Day, I thought long and hard about who I should be. But, in the end, I went with a former Nashvillian and questionable rockstar - Ke$ha. Yes, that’s actually me in the photo above. 

When that above photo made it onto Ke$ha's website, I realized that there were quite a few other fans out there that might also enjoy a Ke$ha costume like mine for the upcoming Halloween season. So, that is how I decided to take a break from media buying to dabble in copywriting by creating this tongue-in-cheek Craigslist ad (excerpts below) for my own unique costume…

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Morgan Levy is my hero.

Have I mentioned that yet?

Morgan is a fellow Belmont alum and music business drone. We bring home approx. zero dollars and love local dining, shopping, and events.

Morgan is just cooler because she’s been running Nashvillest with her friend Christy for several years now. Not only does their blog keep you tuned in to local happenings, free fun, special events, Predators recaps, and community news…  but they love our city and its food just as much as I do!


Case in point, this terrific Farmers Market Round Up detailing each neighborhood’s contribution to the local food movement.

So you can love Morgan too without having to pull multiple all-nighters for a ridiculous class project by visiting her over at Nashvillest.

Um, yes I would like a milkshake truck cruising the streets of Nashville please and thank you. I wrote a way-too-wordy piece about Moovers & Shakers for Nashvillest, but you really don’t need to read it. Just go throw ‘em some money on Kickstarter. They’re almost halfway to their goal but they only have 9 days to go!

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Tennessean: Social Media and the Nashville Flood

This video brings back some stressful memories, but it’s always really neat to hear that our coverage at Nashvillest was able to help people in some way. Hard to believe it’s been almost a year.

I wrote a guest post for Nashville blogger juggernaut, Nashvillest. The post features some inspiring local folks. If you haven’t heard of joggling, fire hooping, table ramp sledding, beerio kart, jowling, or Quidditch… Check it out!

“Bored with Nashville? Question: How often do you go to Broadway? Stop. If you need more side streets in your life, try one of these unique sports for instant adventure. Here are some locals who’ve figured it out.”

Photo courtesy of Kelly

Yelp Nashville Launches Yelp Shops Local Pledge Raising Awareness for Small Businesses in Nashville Neighborhoods

NASHVILLE – December 12, 2012 – The local business review website, Yelp, launches its Yelp Shops Local initiative in over 50 markets and will go into full effect Friday, December 16th in Nashville. In a statement on the company’s blog, it’s estimated that “if 5% of the approximately 84 million Yelpers who came to Yelp on average per month in its last quarter spent [a few bucks] at a local business, that would equate to over $30 million back into local economies.”  In Nashville, the initiative is comprised of four major components: the Pledge, three neighborhood shopping events, the charitable Holiday Hangover Pass and the Cash Mob event.

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