Magcon Preference #1

Magcon Preference: When he sees you talking to another attractive guy and gets jealous and their reaction.



his face would harden and he would be trying so hard not to go over and punch the guy in the face because you were Shawn’s no one else’s. Shawn would be very protective over you but he would know that you didn’t like it when he constantly tried to protect you so he would clench his jaw and just give the guy a death glare until he walked away leaving you confused. You would then turn around and see Shawn and you would raise your eyebrows at him saying, ‘really’ and he would shrug with a sheepish smile that said, ‘what? i didn’t do anything.’ and you would playfully roll your eyes and shout to him “you’re lucky I love you!”



he would give the guy a disgusted look that said, ‘why the hell are you talking to my girl,’ and he wouldn’t look away, making him uncomfortable until he left. Then he would come up behind you and say, “who was that babe?” and you would reply, “I don’t know you’re stare scared him off before he could introduce himself.” And then he would kiss your head and say. “good.”



Cameron would practically kill the guy with his stare. He would have to grab the table or something to keep himself from walking over there and making sure that the guy knew you were his. He would probably leave some dents or marks on the table by the time you had finished talking with the guy.



Nash would be confused and angry if he saw you with another guy. He would be like ‘why is y/n talking to another guy?’ to the guys and they would be like ‘dude chill,’ and he would just silently watch you guys with this expression, making sure that he didn’t do anything.

Jack Johnson:


I know you said face but I couldn’t not put this in. I feel like Johnson would just casually get a baseball bat and stand behind you without you knowing as you talked to the guy and he would eye the guy like ‘you see this bat, yeah you’re going to see it a lot closer when I swing it at your face,’ and he would practically run off. You would turn around to see Johnson and you would playfully roll your eyes. 

Jack Gilinsky:


Jack wouldn’t even bother giving the guy a look. He would come right up to you and the guy and hold you in his arms and look at the guy and directly say, “no!” and the guy would just walk away. You would look up at him. “At this rate I won’t have any friends,” You tell him. “You can have friends, just not those kind of friends,” He says and you just playfully hit him with a laugh.



he would have to meditate to himself and pray that he would be able to control himself. I don’t know I feel like Matt may seem very playful but when it came to you he would be really overprotective of you, but only because he loves you and doesn’t want anyone else to have you.



he would just stare at him like ‘yeah that’s right back away from my girl.’ The guy would be so uncomfortable that he couldn’t conduct a decent conversation with you and he just embarrassed himself in front of you which made Hayes happy.



Taylor would just be like “what the f*ck are you doing bro, you know I will kill you,” like it is the most obvious thing in the world. Taylor would be super over protective and wrap his arms around you saying “no she is mine,”



I know it’s blurry but Carter would look at the guy like this saying “use your head, is this really a logical decision to try and talk to my girl? Yeah I didn’t think so,” Then he would sling his arm around your shoulder and  you would rest your head on his shoulder as you scoffed and dramatically sighed. “You do this every time,” You say but you were amused and flattered at how over protective he was of you. “And I will do this every time,” He says with a smirk and then he kisses you on the forehead.


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Breaking Rules

“Mom, Dad. I have a question. Can Nash come over for dinner tonight?” You were sitting at the breakfast table and your dad looked over the top of his glasses and lowered his newspaper while your mom stopped chopping veggies to turn towards you.

“Nash Grier?” Your dad gave you a look of disapproval.

“Yeah. We’ve been dating for a few weeks now….” You said avoiding eye contact as you trailed off at the end of your sentence.

“Well, I don’t see anything wrong with it. He’s the most adorable kid your age anyway!” Your mom said as she went back to chopping veggies.

“Y/Mom’s/N, I don’t think you’re thinking of the same Nash Grier. You’re probably thinking of his younger brother, Hayes. Which I would also have no problem with because all of the Grier children are good kids, but there is a large age gap between you and Mr. Nash.” Your dad scolded.

“How big is the age gap?” Your mom looked worried again.

“About three years.” You mumbled. No one said anything for a while, but your dad finally broke the silence.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, but I’m going to have to say no. The age difference is too big to ignore. Nash is too old and mature for you.”

“But, dad! It’s only three years! You and mom are seven years apart!” You said in a desperate voice.

“End of discussion, Y/N. Now get your stuff you’re going to be late for the bus.”

*On the bus*

“So, what’d your parents say about tonight?” Nash asked as he plopped down next to you on the uncomfortable blue bus seat.

“They said no. They don’t like that you’re so much older than me.”

“Jesus. They make me sound like a pedophile.”

“Well, they said I couldn’t come over for dinner. We get out of school early today so can I come over and cook you lunch? Your parents don’t even have to know.”

“I dunno, Nash….”

“Come on! Your parents will be at work, it’ll be just us two, we won’t make a mess, they’ll never know!”

“Okay. Fine.”

*After School at your house*

“Nash, do you even know how to cook?”

“Of course. I am a master.” He paused. “You know that show Ink Master? I’m, like, the chef master.”

“We’ll see about that.” You winked at him as you sat on the counter.

“Are you not going to help me?!” He asked as he held out his hands by his side.

“Nope. You’re the chef master, remember?”

“Fine. Whatever. I don’t need you to help me cook. I got this.” You heard your dog start barking so you assumed someone must have pulled up in the driveway.

“I think someone’s here, Nash. Let me go look. I’ll be right back.” You went and looked out the window and your eyes widened and your heart dropped. “NASH, MY PARENTS ARE HOME.”

“What? I thought you said they weren’t going to be home until later?” Nash asked as he stepped out of the kitchen.

“Just stay in the kitchen. I’ll try to stall them until we can sneak you out.” You opened the door as your mom and dad approached it.

“Hey mom. Hey dad. What are you guys doing home so early?” You tried to act excited to see them.

“Hey, honey. We felt like we were a little rough on you this morning so we thought we would come home and take you out to lunch, but it smells like you’re already cooking. What is that? It smells delicious.” Your mom said as she stepped into the house and took her jacket off.

“Oh, um, it’s nothing! I haven’t even really started. I’ll go stop it and we can go out for lunch.”

“No! Go finish it! We can eat your stuff for lunch. I don’t want your hard work wasted.” Your dad said. You knew there was no use arguing, but you knew you had to try.

“Well, um, I was struggling anyway, so can we please go out to eat?” You were desperate to get them out of the house so Nash could leave.

“Oh, sweetie, I can help you with whatever you need come on.” Your mom headed towards the kitchen.

“NO MOM DON’T GO IN THERE.” It was too late.

“Hello, Nash.” Your mother said. You pursed your lips and put your hand on your head.

“Um, Hello, Mrs. Y/L/N. How are you?”

“I’m quite well. When will lunch be ready?”

“It’ll be ready in five minutes, mam.” Nash looked very uncomfortable and nervous.

“Okay. Sounds good. We will be back downstairs after we finish changing.” She walked past you and went upstairs. You and Nash exchanged confused looks, but he continued cooking while you set up the dinner table. Your parents didn’t interrogate Nash at lunch. They acted like he was just any of your other friends. You were surprised that they weren’t freaking out at you and that they didn’t make Nash leave immediately. After lunch they even invited Nash to stay for a movie, but he had to go home and work on homework. You knew you were going to be chewed out by your parents after he left, but they never said anything except your mom who said, “We’re going out to eat on Friday with some friends. Feel free to invite Nash.” This must be their way of telling you that they trust you.

I don’t care who you are or who they are, you never tell a girl that she won’t be with her celebrity crush. For her, that crush is someone that came through for them before you ever did. I don’t care if it’s a billion to one, you shut the fuck up about it.

Every single person who reblogs this will get the name of the Magcon boy (present or past) whom I ship them with, a brief oneshot about them and their boy, and a preference of something about him (what he calls you, how he kisses you, etc.) in their inbox.  

I’m dead serious.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  PERSON.

Dating Nash would involve
  • tons and tons of selfies
  • road trips
  • silly vines
  • lip biting
  • making out in the car
  • him carrying you everywhere
  • him calling you baby girl
  • cute twitter fights
  • him always telling you to wear his clothes
  • him calling you everynight
  • him surprising you
  • him sending you little presents whenever he is gone
  • back scratches
  • load moans
  • hotelroom sex
  • shower sex
  • hickeys on the hipbone
  • him taking pictures of you when you sleep
  • him protecting you whenever somebody hates you on twitter
  • him pinching your cheeks whenever you blush
  • him calling you at the night super horny
  • phone sex
  • sexting
  • food fights
  • messages
  • him teasing you by whispering little dirty things into your ear
  • you ending up babysitting hayes and skylynn because he is getting some fish with his bare hands


Side notes:
- if you’re on mobile turn your phone/iPod/whatever to the side so it’ll look better ☺️
- I DO NOT suggest listening to this with earphones; atleast not on high volume
-Bart is in there bc remember when we all loved him and called him dad
-I did 12/12 so Sammy and Dillon aren’t in it I’m sorry 😣
-the reason I put the vine of cam talking about suicide in the end is because they helped us through so much and that shows a part of it
-I know that dancing thing in the end wasn’t from magcon but I thought it was cute and it had a couple of the boys so I put it in.


Matt and Deborah’s twitter argument…😬