The Spiral Fish Cakes

Pairing: Naruhina
Rating: (something lol)
A/N: First off anon, never apologize to me for poor English. I personally know how hard it is to learn a new language, and as long as people can understand you, you’re doing just fine in my book ^.^ Second OMG O//O I’m by no means a genius but dakfjalkdfjdafj Thank you!!! I’m so flustered now! lol I’m so happy that you thought of me when you had this idea. I just got done studying for my own test and I think a little naruhina will do me some good (◠‿◠✿)

Hinata glared at the wall as it slightly vibrated because ofthe loud music pounding behind it. She already told her neighbors twice to turnit down, and they simply smiled nodded their head and slammed the door on her face. She stood up from her desk and started beating the wall with her fist. The music got louder. She screamed slightly in frustration and prepared to walk over there when her dorm room door opened wide revealing her roommate, Sakura.

The pink haired beauty raised one perfectly manicured eyebrow, “What’s got you so riled up?”

At that very moment, the loud music was accompanied by a loud thump. She glared at the wall and Sakura started laughing. Hinata turned her ire on her friend. Sakura raised her hands up with an enormous grin on her face, “Hey! Don’t get mad at me. I just got back from the gym. It’s not like I told them to interrupt your studying. Although, my offer still stands.”

"I have a test in two weeks. No," Hinata sat down at her desk forgetting about her neighbors when another loud thump came from their room. She growled a little this time.

Sakura slapped a hand on the desk, and Hinata jumped at the sound, “Two weeks is a long ways away, and this party is tonight. So guess what sugar you’re coming with me. I’m no longer giving you a choice. Deal with it!”

With a waggle of her finger, she turned away and grabbed her bathroom bag leaving the bedroom. Hinata figured she was going to take a shower, and that meant the conversation was over. She glared at her binder filled with notes from lectures and her book, plus her laptop opened to reveal helpful websites, all tools for studying. She had been studying hard for the past three days, perhaps Sakura was right, but leaving her studies to go to a party wasn’t exactly her thing.

She’d never been to a party before either. She wasn’t ready! She was much more comfortable just reading a good book or watching a movie down in the living area. Hinata pushed away from the desk and flopped onto her bed face first. What was she going to do with Sakura?

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Finding out NaruHina is canon. 

【ナルヒナ】新婚漫画続き by レモン汁 (Re-edited Version)
Translation: akiba-wota
Edit: narutoffee
Editor's Note: Hi! Since Naruhina is canon, enjoy a new, fully cleaned and typesetted version of an old doujinshi we translated before! Can you imagine if this actually happened in The Last Movie? (º̩̩́⌣º̩̩̀ʃƪ)Anyways, congrats NH fandom on being canon! Hope you all like it!