Naruto rubbed his stomach, “I’m looking forward to enjoying ramen~”
Since Naruto’s gesture was amusing, Hinata burst into laughter. At the sight of the heartwarming two people, Sakura’s mouth also broke into a broad smile
—  Sakura Hiden [x]

No Ramen, No Life!!

This is the “No Ramen, No Life” poster seen in Naruto’s room (and also towards the end of the movie) in The Last

Ahem. With my last final on Friday, I took a break from studying today and worked on what was supposed to be a quick graphics project. I made this as a vector, so my Illustrator skills were a bit rusty.

The hardest part was trying to see what was in the ramen cup. There were some white parts in it, so I assumed they were some naruto. I did my best given the situation. We’ll probably see a better version of the poster once the movie’s released.

If you guys are interested, I’ll be putting this up on Redbubble tomorrow so you can have a poster to put on your wall and keep even after you’re married