Naruto chapter 619

 I’m focusing on Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship specifically; I do not mean to say that others do not apply to what was brought up in this chapter. The chapter applies to Naruto, Kakashi, Itachi, and the Uchiha clan as well. He loved them and they him but I am focusing on the nature of Sakura’s feelings in this post, which are romantic.

The latest chapter was about Sasuke’s capacity for love. Sasuke, Uchiha in general, love fiercely. When they lose that love, because they loved so deeply, they are unable to handle their grief. 

This is why Obito reacted to Rin’s death turned Obito into what he is now. This is why Sasuke is unable to let go of his revenge.

Chapter 616 was not directly about SasuSaku. It is the implication that has SS fans excited. 

Quote from the Databook II: 


“It was Sakura who has filled his [Sasuke’s] lonely existence with love. But in the end he could not return her feelings.” 

Sakura filled Sasuke with love, according to Kishimoto in the databook. Now that we know love means so much to Sasuke, this quote has a larger meaning. Not just the quote  but all the times he showed he cared for both Sakura and Naruto. He could not stay and return them because he needed to seek his revenge.

Then we have Sasuke thanking Sakura. He was grateful for her feelings. Now we know that Sasuke treasures love. We are grateful for what we treasure.

Uchiha, however, cannot handle losing love. Sasuke chose to leave behind Sakura and Naruto and the love they offered. Notice how much darker Sasuke has become in their absence. “He left behind love, friendship, a village…” Because Sasuke threw away his love, he spiraled into hatred which was ultimately what he wanted in order to get revenge. 

He loved them. He loved Naruto, he loved Sakura. This is why he is so far gone, because of his curse. When saving taka, it was his thoughts of team 7 that aroused his emotion. 

What’s interesting for SS, is that in chapter 540 we have a fodder nin say to Sakura “He [Sasuke] must be a great guy if you love him.” It is actually her loving him (along with Naruto, Kakashi, ect.) that has made Sasuke a not-so-nice-guy. He took in their love and then left it, causing his curse to fill him with hatred. 

We notice, however, that Sasuke did well with team 7. His fight with Gaara a prime example. He was strong and he loved. Then Naruto impacted Sasuke in part II during their fist fight. Perhaps this means if Sasuke was with team 7 again, he would be redeemed.

This is demonstrated in The Forest of Death with Sakura. He loses it because he sees a loved one hurt. He is brought back to his sense by Sakura when she embraces him and shows her love. 

With the new cover mirroring 540 with Sasuke’s expression and glance at Sakura, Hinata’s speech about bonds and how her love made Naruto great again, it seems it may hint at some future SS.

Sakura loves Sasuke, Naruto loves Sasuke: these bonds matter. Itachi stating that he will always love Sasuke impacted him. It made him question everything. Sasuke needs to learn that those who truly love you, are always with you. Even in distance and death.