So the entire chapter is out and it’ll take a while before the digital version comes out. cacatuasulphureacitrinocristata and I have been reading this for the past hour and some of the kanji is too blurry to make out. But what we know from this is:

  • Temari notices that Shikamaru has been acting strangely recently 
  • Temari is part of the Shinobi Union
  • Shikamaru acts a bit cold towards Temari. After she calls out after him and recognizes her voice, he says “the number one person I don’t want to talk to.”
  • Temari looks the same as she does in the Last
  • When Temari asks Shikamaru what’s wrong, he responds with “nothing,” to which Temari replies “Is it something that you can’t even tell me about?”
  • Temari punches Shikamaru 
The Signs As Animes

Aries: Fullmetal Alchemist

Taurus: Naruto

Gemini: Ouran High School Host Club

Cancer: Moonphase

Leo: Sword Art Online

Virgo: Heaven’s Lost Property

Libra: Hetalia

Scorpio: Attack On Titan

Sagittarius: Haikyu!!

Capicorn: Pokemon

Aquarius: Death Note

Pisces: Princess Jellyfish

"Kishimoto complained and said he felt as a victim of the fans because of their general reaction but the truth is only a few people weren’t satisfied with the ending"

Can we please talk about how it doesn’t even make sense. So he is complaining that fans didn’t like the ending but at the same time he says they were just a few? If they are a small portion then why does he feel as a victim? It’s not like his own fans called the last movie “trash”, called Naruto “the worst scumbag”, created anti pages for the main character and the supposed last Naruto movie, he got criticized by other mangaka, manga fans in Japan voted for Tokyo Ghoul’s ending as a better one than his even though TG isn’t even as popular (considering it’s a newly succeeding manga and Naruto is supposed to have more fans), his final volume couldn’t even hit 1 million copies sold in its first week even with the extra stuff that came with it, Studio Pierrot had to try damage control to keep the ratings from going any lower, his own fans in Japan called him “stupid” and refused to follow his new manga about the next generation. How does a few fans make such a large impact only in Japan? How was TL a success when the money they earned barely covered the production? How was the ending satisfying when he himself stated that the movie was neither his idea nor its plot? How is it supposed to make sense when he doesn’t even know how one of the main pairings got together? 

A real man doesn’t act like a victim and takes responsibility for his actions. He is basically trying to look like one and blame the bigger portion of his own fandom fornot liking how his ending gave no answers and didn’t tie any loose ends. He is blaming the fans that actually cared about his story and the development and plays the victim game even though he says “only a few people didn’t like the ending”. Then why are you trying so hard to justify your so planned ending?