Never forget that Hinata was a side character until the very last chapter.

Never forget that Naruto never loved Hinata in the manga, and that ‘The Last’ was about him falling for her, and the 700th chapter was a epilogue to the movie.

Never forget that ‘The Last’ was Studio Pierrot’s idea.

Never forget that according to ‘The Last,’ Sasuke has now lost two brothers, Sakura is a house maid raising a child alone, Naruto’s son is acting out because his father wont spend time regardless of growing up alone and trying to save others from their suffering, and Team 7 has separated. This was a story about bonds.

And before you say that Naruto was not just about pairings…All of this had to happen to make one pairing happen and seem credible. Let that sink in. 

This is truly a broken ending.