naruto x uaap cheerdance

This was inspired by chikiblue's post about some Naruto characters as UAAP schools students.
Well UAAP is an athletic association of big and famous schools here in the Philippines…
In this one, they are cheerdancers of their respective schools though they look like superheroes don’t they? (゜▽゜;)
I researched and copied the costumes that these schools used for their competitions..
So for your reference:

Naruto is a member of the University of Santo Tomas Salinggawi Dance Troupe (IDK its translation) . Trivia: this is the oldest university in Southeast Asia (i think).

Hinata is from the Philippines’ national university, the University of the Philippines. They are the defending champs in the cheer dance competition..

Sasuke is from Ateneo de Manila University ,a school known for very smart and very rich kids.. They are known as Blue Eagles (it’s very proper since Sasuke summons animals that are of the same order right?) His school is very near Hinata’s school.. ( ・ω・)ノ

Then Gaara is from De la Salle University-Manila known for having socialite students (but not all,OK)and this school is the long known rival of Ateneo (Sasuke’s school hohoho)

Hope you like it….

I don’t own anything…just this art and I based everything on research :p