Naruto gaiden 700+6: Stagnation

Suprise attack!!! Uchiha versus Uchiha!?

sarada: dad!!

Sasuke: Let’s see what they can do. Gôkakyû no Jutsu

Naruto: It’s with his dojutsu that he can anticipate?

Villain: I see. Here the power of your eyes..Sasuke Uchiha..!

Sarada: he’s amazing… My father.

Naruto: Yes. And you have not seen anything yet.

villain: We would need a young talent like yours for akatsuki’s resurection

Naruto: Those giuys would be an akatsuki survivor?

Sasuke: I will make them talk.

Villain: I am Shin Uchiha

Flashback: shin uchiha.. It’s my father’s desire. He charged me to bring you to him.

Sarada: But even… He it bears the same name as his son?!

Sasuke: We’ll get everything clear when we’ll question them. For now, keep quiet.

Naruto: !? What does make you think that?

Sarada: The young one / the boy allued to “his father”

Chocho: Ah..If only my real father had the power to make girls fall like Sarada’s…

Naruto: If I understand well… This guys didn’t hesitate to use his own son as a shield

Sasuke: Naruto, put the kids in a safe place. And…

Naruto: I know, don’t let your guard down… I’ll give you an opening/(lit: a launch window), I’m counting on you, Sasuke!