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Konoha Hiden, chapter four

Translator’s Note: I would like to know where this author gets off, making me laugh and then breaking my heart and then making me laugh again. If you like the chapter, please buy a copy of the novel to support the original author!

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One Bowl Full of Soul

These days, naruto* [fish cakes served atop ramen] was incredibly popular.

When did it happen? In the blink of an eye, naruto had risen to number one in the Popular Toppings list. From children to adults, people of all types and ages loved naruto.

More naruto would be served on dishes, and then before you realised what’d happened, they’d have finished and run out.

Even the local mothers had started saying that if children ate naruto then they’re grow up to be healthy, energetic, and strong.

Ahh, naruto. You scruffy-looking fish cakes, with your pale white background and pink swirling whirlpool in the middle. But, if you weren’t here, people would feel so very lonely.

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