Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Shikamaru, and Hinata are sent on a rescue mission to save Hanabi who is abducted from Konoha by a man shrouded in mystery.

There’s no mention of Sasuke, so either he’s still on probation (such a long time though) or basing on his clothing choice and the state that they’re in, he decides to become a hermit/ travel the world after the war.

thelazyocelot said:

Now I know we all wait for NS ova moment to happen. But think for a sec. She could cry over him like that cause she could feel she lost her brother or best friend not love. I mean people also fall into the same despair. We obviously first need a scene during or before this moment where Sakura realizes her emotions to Naruto are much deeper than she thought. I mean the moment wont have real impact for me if romance note isnt mentioned. It will just feel like sorrowing friends death. Agree?

That’s why most fans that I’ve spoken with believe that she and Kakashi will share a moment that is similar to what happens with their parallels in Jiraiya’s book. In The Tale of a Gutsy Ninja, there are four characters that parallel Team Seven:

Naruto, parallel of Uzumaki Naruto. This Naruto is the character whom our Naruto was named after.

Renge, parallel of Sasuke.

Tsuyu, parallel of Sakura.

Shuu, parallel of Kakashi.

I’ll provide the dialogue so that you can read over it, but to summarize what happens, Tsuyu rushes to Shuu to warn him of an attack that Renge is launching against their village. She is in complete hysterics because she feels that their team is falling apart. Shuu comforts her by telling her to visualize what makes her most happy, and she thinks of Naruto. She comes to understand that it was always Naruto who brought her happiness, but she never noticed him because she was always looking at Renge. After she comes to this conclusion, Tsuyu decides to go back to Naruto and help him with his battle against Renge.

Here’s the dialogue, which was translated for us by ladygt:

Tears overflowed from her eyes.

«There there …» Her teacher stroked her head. «It’s hard, believe me, I know that.»

Tears were now unstoppable. Tsuyu, through sobbing, decided to open her heart to her sensei and tell him about everything that happened.




Shu followed her speech till the end, without interrupting.

«I don’t understand what happened to Renge…» sobbed Tsuyu. «But I would like him to…anyway, you have to believe me when I say that mount Hyakki is heading here…»

«You like Renge a lot, uh?»


«I can see it just by looking at you.»

Tsuyu nodded.

« I thought there wasn’t nothing left for me to teach you, you that have been nominated one of the Three Ninja of Shuku. However, there’s still one more advice I can give you.»


«I’ll tell you a secret, Tsuyu. Every human is possessed by a demon» he said, «…and this demon is expressed under the form of an ideology.»

«An ideology…»

«Me, you and Naruto…we share the same demon, which is the obsession to protect the village, even if it costs our lives.»

«I think…I understand what you are trying to say.»

«Renge, instead, is possessed by a different kind of demon…»


«Although none of us can demonstrate which demon is good or not.»

«Then what….what should we do?»

«I’ll tell you a useful trick to use when you need to make a decision.»

Tsuyu nodded her head.

«Tsuyu, when you are at complete loss, visualize in your mind the thing that most makes you happy.»

«The thing that most…makes me happy?»

«By doing this, you will understand what kind of person you are.»


«Now  close your eyes.»

Tsuyu did what she was told.

«Now focus on what you see.»

With her eyes closed, Tsuyu took a glimpse of…Naruto’s silhouette. Yes, him, an idiot, pervert, clumsy and reckless…him that never gives up even when he gets rejected thousand of times.

The first time I met Naruto we were both six. He introduced himself to me while saying something like:

“Nice to meet you…my name is Naruto! You can give me the love letter later! See ya!”

At that time though, my attention was completely drawn to the boy next to him, Renge…

«Tsuyu.» Lost in her thoughts, a voice brought her back to reality. «You might have failed the mission, but now you finally know what is most important to you.»

«Sensei, make sure everyone evacuates the village!» Tsuyu opened her eyes, wiped off her tears and tightened her lips in a thin line.

«I…I’m going back to Naruto

Given that Sakura just broke out of the genjutsu and is currently alone with Kakashi, there is potential for this moment to occur next chapter. It all depends on whether or not Kishimoto is willing to drift from the NaruSasu fight long enough to include it. If it does happen this way, it would imply that Sakura has realized that she’s in love with Naruto, which would make the potential OVA scene romantic in nature.

NaruSaku “THE END” Music Party

——— November 7th - 9th 2014 ———

NaruSaku Holiday Music Party

——— December 13th - 15th ———

Hello NaruSaku fans! I’m here to let you know I’ll be hosting a NaruSaku “THE END” Music Party on November 7th - 9th! (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

You will be able to join a large room and play your favorite NaruSaku songs and AMV’s for fellow NaruSaku fans to enjoy, as well as chat amongst ourselves! Whether NaruSaku becomes a thing or not, this is a celebration for us. Below are more in depth instructions and rules about how this will go down.

Note: Looking for moderators, and a password/link to the party will be is not yet available to the public. Stay tuned for November 7th!


  • The room accepts songs from Youtube and Soundcloud. You can start preparing a playlist right now if you wish!
  • You will have to sign up to join the room, but it’s absolutely free.
  • The party will be 3 days long so that NaruSaku fans have a chance to participate for at least one day on the weekend, but feel free to participate all three days!
  • There is no known limit of how many people can be in the room, so no worries!
  • The songs don’t have to be specifically for NaruSaku, any songs that you want to share is possible.
  • This room is for NaruSaku by NaruSaku fans. It will be private. A password can be obtained by contacting moderators that I will be selecting. If you wish to be a moderator, contact me via ask/comment. The only requirement is that I’ve seen you around and that I know you aren’t a lunatic. The moderators will be charged with banning trolls and skipping songs that are inappropriate, as well as handing out passwords as requested.
  • Moderators will not give out passwords to anons or people of opposing ships. Opposing ships are welcome to join and chat with NaruSaku fans if they happen to obtain a link, as long as they are pleasant, but the music will still be focused on NaruSaku or what NaruSaku fans are playing. Inappropriate behavior will result in a ban.
  • We will have a similar party in December to celebrate the holidays and hopefully news from the new Naruto movie! (with new graphics by hani-blah and freakysandra1995 for the next I hope?)
  • Just a tip, instead of opposing fandoms trolling, you can make your own room for free as well!

———— RULES

  • You are free to share the password/link privately among your friends and other NaruSaku fans. We just ask that it not be posted publicly for the sake of keeping a wave of unwanted people pouring in. This is not just for Tumblr! Spread to other NaruSaku fans as well!
  • Do not give a password/link to people you do not trust. If a fan of an opposing ship suddenly starts acting friendly and asks for a password/link, don’t fall for it. Be skeptical and only give it to people you trust.
  • Songs deemed inappropriate by the majority of the people in the room or by mods will be skipped and you may lose your privileges to play more songs.
  • THIS PARTY IS MEANT TO BE POSITIVE. That means no NaruSaku hate specifically, but also no hate for other pairings (or at least, not to the point where everyone gets extremely uncomfortable) Remember that multi-shippers exist, but having some fun with the results of the pairings is fine.
  • It’s a party, so please enjoy yourself!
  • It’s inevitable that trolls will eventually get in, but if you are misbehaving and disrupting the peace, you will be banned.
NaruSaku and the "Nice Guy"

The only real basis of shipping Sakura with Naruto is that people think Naruto deserves her because he is always nice and caring towards her. They fail to recognize that Sakura doesn’t have any romantic feelings towards him and does not function as a reward for Naruto. They set aside her own romantic desires and wishes to ship her with Naruto. This falls plainly into the “nice guy” trope. All Naruto did was care for his friend, he didn’t win/earn her romance and she definitely does not owe him any. NaruSaku is deeply misogynistic.

This handsome guy is most likely our new villain in the new movie. From what I’ve gathered in other Naruto forums, he will be kidnapping Hanabi, Hinata’s sister… WHAT KIND OF BAD FANFIC WRITING IS THIS FOR A NARUTO MOVIE! Anyways, this most likely explains the worried expressions we’ve seen from Hinata lately. Can’t wait to see her kick some ass in her awesome outfit! While everyone’s hype around the apparent address of Hinata’s love towards Naruto, I’m just looking forward to some Frozen sister love: Hinata searching for her lost sister. I think Kishi approaches an interesting way of further developing Hinata’s character. We’ve always associated her with Naruto. But what about any other individuals? Her wonderful relationship with Neji is mostly ignored. And now we have, for the first time, a movie in which Hinata will sort out her family problems because we all know that one day she will have to compete with her sister for the position of the new clan leader. Maybe this has put a strain on her relationship with her sister? Who knows? I personally think it would be awesome :D

Let's make this clear.

If any of the ships become canon(NS,NH,SS or others), it’s because Kishi wanted them to be canon. Kishi is the author of this manga, and he is going to co write and supervise the movie. If there’s anyone who has a say in who ends up with who, then it’s Kishi. Because these are his characters. Let’s just make this clear in advance because people are gonna come up with a shitty argument that Kishi was forced to make them canon (I already see those kinda arguments). And remember shippers! NS, NH and SS, all have been teased! ALL OF THEM. THEY ALL HAVE THEIR DEVELOPMENTS.