Team 7 Reunion??!?!
  • Naruto is at the tower
  • Sasuke is at the tower
  • Sakura is going to the tower
  • Kakashi is lost on the road to the tower that probably had a little old lady crossing it and he had to help. Then he got distracted by how beautiful life is and the flowers in the field, but don’t worry he’ll probably be coming too.

judging from the chapter, Naruto is already the 7th Hokage when Sasuke took on the mission to stop Kaguya’s army.

But as shown in the Last, Boruto and Himawari are toddlers and it’s during Kakashi’s reign as 6th Hokage.

So was Sasuke a part of Sarada’s childhood?

if so, maybe the news of her father leaving triggered her sharingan winch caused her memory loss of Sarada not remembering much of Sasuke.

the next generation and social media

mitsuki: has a hipster blog

himawari: the cheeky adorable royal princess with 5000 twitter followers 

chouchou: regular instagram user who tags sarada in every picture

boruto: has a youtube channel about cool ninja tools and jutsus and his beautiful mama

inojin: popular pixiv artist

sarada: sometimes posts sad quotes about family life on facebook

shikadai: thinks social media is too troublesome

The Talk 2 (Naruhina Version)
  • Hinata:Naruto-Kun I think you should be the one giving Bolt the talk. When she gets older, I'll take Himawari.
  • Naruto:The Talk?
  • Hinata:About Sex and-
  • Naruto:*covering his ears* LALALALALLALLAA CAN'T HEAR YOU
  • Hinata:*wtf*
  • Naruto:Sorry Hinata I can't help there. I have no idea how any of that works.
  • Hinata:Naruto-Kun we have two children.
  • Naruto:I know- but what does that have to do with sex?
  • Hinata:what
  • Naruto:what?
  • Hinata:I-I can't- what?
  • -----
  • Hinata:...and that's how babies are born.
  • Bolt:cool now can I go? I'm bored.
  • Hinata:And Naruto-Kun? Learned anything today?
  • Naruto:...
  • Naruto:I... I need a minute.
Naruto Gaiden 5 “Mexican Telenovela Style”

Sarada and Sasuke’s reunion:

Then, Sarada was upset and uncle Naruto went to confort her:

Sakura leaves to find her daugther:

The new akatsuki army:

New villan trying to attack Sarada:



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SasuSaku Fandom, en estos momentos:

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“Is Himawari going to die, Dad?” Boruto asked, leaning in a bit too close to his sister. 

Naruto pulled at his arm, and moved him off to the side. “No, she’s not going to die. She’s just got a fever. And I would stay away from her until she’s better, you don’t want to get sick do you?” He raised a brow, cocking a smirk at his son while he shook his head furiously as he backed away until he eventually left the room.

From the bed a throat aching cough came, followed by a strained small voice. “So does this mean I can’t go outside and play?” She was frowning now, a deep pout that lowered her lip and made her eyes big. 

Naruto knew this look, it was the same one she used to get him to give into her. She may look innocent, but he knew, as well as Hinata, that she was a devious little girl who used her cuteness to get what she wanted. They suspected Hanabi to be behind this. 

As much as Naruto wanted to say yes, he couldn’t. Hinata would kill him if she found her outside in this condition. So he shook his head, tucking the blanket up to her chin. “I’m sorry, but there will be no playing until my sunflower is one hundred percent better.”

“Not even if I’m ninety-nine percent better?” She gripped the sheets, pulling it up closer, hiding her mouth, which made her eyes look even sadder and his heart ache. 

“Not even then.” He kissed her forehead, chuckling. 

Himawari sighed, closing her eyes and wrinkling her nose at him. “I’ll get better really, really fast! And then I’ll be able to play with brother and everyone else again!” She was getting excited now, and a fit of coughs erupted from her mouth. 

He waited for her to be done coughing before he spoke, his words gentle. “You’ll definitely be able to play with everyone when you’re better. But you got to promise me something.”

“What?” She asked, eager to know. 

“You have to promise you’ll take your medicine when Mom gets home from the store. You have to be a big girl and do it, can you do that, for me?” Himawari didn’t like taking medicine, she hated anything that had to do with health, like check-ups and shots. It was something she got from him.

She didn’t say anything for a few minutes while she rocked it around in her head for a little bit. Then she held out her fist weakly, a thumb going up. “I promise!” 

He gave her his best “dad” smile while placing a hand on her forehead. “Good! Oh, I think you’re fever’s going down, I bet if you go to sleep, it’ll be gone by the time you wake up.”

“Really?” There was excitement in her voice, and the reality of playing outside not to far off. 

“Really, really. So you’d better get some sleep then.” He started tucking her in while she settled into the sheets.

“Yeah, I’ll be better…when I–I wake up.” The excitement and fever were taking over now, making her eyes close and her breathing deepen. And just like that she was sleeping soundly. 

Naruto leaned down, pressing his lips to her hot forehead again. “Goodnight my sick little girl.”