Kim Kardashian's Favourite Makeup Products


Kim Kardashian, pre Kanye West, was once famous for her super nude glossy lips, perfectly highlighted under eyes, and sculpted bronzy pink face!



I’ve been obsessed with her face and makeup alike for the longest time & wanted to re-create this look for an everyday wear using the products loved by Kimmy herself!

MOTD (Products in bold are used by Kim) :

  • Makeup Forever HD Foundation
  • NARS Concealer in Custard
  • Ben Nye Banana Powder
  • Sleek’s Face Form Kit
  • NARS Albatross Highlight
  • GOSH Brow Gel
  • Lancome Hypnose Mascara
  • Ardel Demi Wispies
  • Stila Eyeliner
  • NARS Lipgloss in Turkish Delight

Please note, I’m not half as good as her makeup artist and my look wasn’t as intense as hers, i disliked the white underliner so i decided not to wear it!

So I did a lot of internet stalking on Kim’s amazing makeup artist Mario and put together his top tips on how he applies makeup on her;

  • Tips

Dont underestimate the tips of your fingers, they’re the best tool to blend in creamy concealers for that extra highlighted look!

Apply an emollient moisturiser first so that foundation and powder so that once you set your face, it doesn’t look cakey! (My holy grail Keihl’s Ultra facial moisturiser - post already in the skincare section - is also what Mario uses on Kim) 

Choosing a slightly darker foundation is great for the complexion as the look comes together once the under eyes are highlighted well!

The Beauty Blender blends product seamlessly with the skin, you can use this to blend foundation, apply concealer and also set your face with powder with it too as its multipurpose!

  • Concealer

Don’t just apply concealer under the eyes, extend it across from the nose to the end of your brows! this creates the Kim K highlighted look

Set the concealer by pressing loose powder to ensure the concealer doesn’t move! Ben Nye leaves a matte luminous finish!

  • Contouring

Blend, blend and blend! Start at the top of the ear and go down just underneath the cheekbone. Create depth by powdering this on the temples and down to the jaw bone!

  • Highlighting

Kim always has the centre of her face highlighted which allows flash photography to concentrate on the centre of her face! Also highlight the centre of the nose, your cupids bow for plump looking lips and high points of the cheekbones

  • Eyes

Line the eyes with kohl pencil, smudge and then go over with liquid liner, it creates a softer look!

Smudging the eyeshadow along the bottom lash line also amplifies bigger looking eyes! (handy tips for us girls with small eyes yay)

Go heavy with the lashes but make sure they don’t look too artificial, using zig zag motions when applying mascara adds a fluttery effect!

Kim uses mostly golds, bronze, browns and beige eyeshadows for smokey looks!

  • Bronzer

Using the brush from Benefit’s Hoola bronzer, or NARS ITA brush creates a sculpted look when applying a reddish, brown matte bronzer!

Avoid shimmery bronzers or they will make the cheeks appear oily!

  • Lips

Mario loves using nude to milky pinks on Kim, her favourite and most used is NARS Tukish Delight which I am currently wearing! its the most Barbie pink looking lips! Whilst mattes compliment shimmery smokey eyes, gloss adds volume to the lips!

"I Just Wanna Break The Rules"


Charlie XCX’s new song, "Break the Rules" had me feeling a tad “badass” today while picking out what to wear. My outfit included a dark gray t-shirt dress from H&M, light black tights, my vintage tattoo choker necklace, and rain boots from Hunter due to the stormy weather. 

As for my makeup, I wanted to do a soft, clean foundation face with distinguished brows, a ton of mascara, and a matching lip-cheek combo. 

I decided to try out my newly purchased NARS Blush in shade “Seduction.”  This shade is heavily pigmented, so a light swipe gives off a ton of color.  


The color is a deep sangria, so I decided to mix some NYX blush in shade “Taupe” to blend it out evenly on my cheeks. The swatches look like this (Top, Seduction. Bottom, Taupe):


The two blended together on the hollow of the cheekbone looked amazing. It looks soft, but defined


For my lips, I combined MAC Lipliner in “Chestnut” with Urban Decay Lipstick in “Shame.” With the rest of my face quite soft, I went for a “tough girl” lipstick to match my outfit’s theme. 


MAC’s Lipliner “Chestnut” is a brown lipliner that helps add drama to a berry shade like Urban Decay’s “Shame” Lipstick.


Line the lips with “Chestnut” and also add a bit to the center of the lips. Then color in with “Shame” and pat down if you prefer it more “matte” than shiny. 


Add a ton of mascara (I used Bare Minerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara), fill in your brows (I used Smashbox Brow Tech To Go in “Brunette”), and there you go!


In the words of Charlie XCX, “I don’t wanna go to school, I just wanna break the rules. Boys and girls across the world, Putting on our dancing shoes.”

^^(Aka put on my rain boots, danced on my way to school…. yeah, I had to go to school still, meh. Sorry Charlie!)

xox, Lex

Note: all photos in this post are my own.