The Order of the Tit and Tavern


So, some friends and I have been playing a D&D campaign and, after our last adventure, I decided to make some comics about it. Here we have characters Lincoln (an extremely handsome and cunning Rogue played by me) and Claude (a Vulcan warrior played by my good friend Amy) defending the town of Laycock against wave after wave of mindless, hungry undead.


narrowalanwept replied to your post: oh hey a new icon

as an iconwarming gift I will provide you with a number of smooth stones, ideal for throwing at monsters from trees, all painted mauve.

ok im gonna go take a shower and go think about what other awesome colors i want in the stone variety.

i swear to god if any fucking vegetable carts get near me.


Brian Came By Earlier Today

I was supposed to go see a concert with him a few days ago, but ended up missing it because I was late buying a ticket. But before he left to head back to Davis, he came by to see me. It didn’t last too long, but it was still really great getting to see him again.