• Zongi, Nariya, Eriya:I'll do anything for you, Lord Folken.
  • Folken:But why? I'm trash.
Leftover Yellow Curry

Why is curry, even leftover curry, so good? It took me until my twenties, once I was away from home, to try curry. I don’t remember there being any Thai places around my house growing up and there was an Indian place that a girlfriend tried to drag me to in high school, but I was a coward of food back then. If it wasn’t Pizza Hut, Taco Bell or Arby’s with a large side of Mountain Dew, no thank you.

Such a fool back then. If I ever have kids I am going to make them try things. Being a fool of food is no way for a fool to fly through life. 

Anyways, the yellow curry was from Nariya and it was standard, potatoes, carrots and chicken, Nothing special, nothing great, but it’s satisfying and just what you need in a curry.

I’ve actually never been to the restaurant. Just delivery. What’s a Thai restaurant to do?

I need to go to Jitlada soon.

Gai Kua

I decided to try a Thai dish I had never had before, Gai Kua. Rice noodles sauteed with chicken, onions, egg and bean sprouts and topped with crushed peanuts.

I have been ordering from Nariya for a while now. It’s not close to the best Thai you will find in Thai Town, but for delivery, it does the job. 

I found the Gai Kua to be pretty boring. Not a lot of flavor, no peanuts (it said peanuts!), the bed of lettuce that it was strangely served on was sour and the chicken was tough. 

You eat and learn. Now I know, no Gai Kua.