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Keep your eyes open and spread the word, EVERYONE needs to be paying attention to this just as much as during the filibuster. Remember how much shit they tried to get away with when everyone was watching… they’ll try it again if no one’s paying attention anymore. It’s not over yet! Please signal boost.

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) pose as legitimate reproductive health centers. They have a track record of outright lying to people and work to dissuade people from exercising the right to choose. 

This map from Salt Lake City, Utah shows how CPCs often position themselves right next to legitimate healthcare centers, so as to confuse people who are looking for comprehensive reproductive health services.


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I was here four weeks ago in 50s garb talking about how we weren’t going back to a pre-Roe v. Wade era with about 70 women in the first senate hearing of SB5. I didn’t know at that time four weeks later, that I’d still be in committee rooms.

It seems a little repetitive if you ask me.

But I also didn’t know how our numbers would increase to 7,000 at the Capitol. Inspiring. And show that Texans know better. We are a pro-choice majority.

We’ve revealed the best and the worst of our state legislators. Some brave enough to stand up for women’s health, and some who have shamed and thwarted the political process. And some, like our bill author, don’t even know what a rape kit actually does.

I’m from El Paso. The closest abortion clinic is four and a half hours away in Albuquerque. Their closest in Texas is 600 miles to San Antonio. A woman will do what she needs to do.

These bills are solutions looking for problems.

The clinic in El Paso serves about 30% of women from Mexico. You’re putting women in danger across the borderland, not that you care. Gosnells occur because of poverty and lack of access. You’re not going to change your mind.

You can call us an unruly mob for our involvement in the democratic process. You can dehumanize us in order to continue refusing to listen to us. But when you vote yes to pass these bills and women have no other options and you hear of the injuries and the deaths, I hope you know that that their blood will be on your hands.

Good luck in your primaries, since risking the well being of Texas women is apparently worth your political gain.

—   Testimony from Shelby Alexander (@ShelbyLAlex) on HB2 to State Affairs Committee

Crisis pregnancy centers disguise themselves as legitimate reproductive health clinics using vague advertising, even though their main practices are to

  • DECEIVE women facing unplanned pregnancy, by claiming that abortion causes mental-health problems, breast cancer, and infertility.
  • DENY that birth control and condoms are effective in preventing pregnancy and STIs and suggest only abstinence before marriage.
  • DELAY time sensitive pre-natal and abortion care, scheduling appointments several weeks in the future and recommending unnecessary ultrasounds.

Find out how you can spot & avoid going to one of these deceptive centers by checking out

The worst part was watching other unsuspecting women walk through the door seeking guidance when I knew they would only get lies and shame…

During my undercover investigation at Virginia’s crisis pregnancy centers, I visited five cpcs and had 3 full appointments. I sat through hours of blatant manipulation and utter lies. These women made me look at pictures of fetuses, hold little fetus statues, and hear the stories of happy mothers. They called me selfish in more ways than I ever could have imagine. They beat me down with words. They made me feel hopeless, defenseless and stupid. But hands down the worst moment in all of this was the moment I saw two young girls walk into a cpc to make an appointment.

I was at 1st Choice Women’s Health Center in Leesburg, VA. Sitting in the waiting room, I was pretending to cry in the hopes that the employees would see me without an appointment. While I was being “comforted”  by one of the cpc workers, two young women walked into the center. They were both very young, high school aged, with sweatpants and sloppy buns. One of the girls asked to make an appointment and her friend was there for silent support. 

As I watched them, I felt the need to jump up and protect them. I was dying to tell them about all the lies they were about to hear. I wanted to proect them so badly. But I didn’t run after them. I stayed with the hope that my investigation could help others like them. Yet I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that this was the most painful moment in the entire investigation. It broke my heart to imagine them hearing the manipulation I had already suffered through twice, and it infuriated me that this cpc was passing itself off as a safe place for women. 

Please spread the word about crisis pregnancy centers. Tell the young women in your life about these places and make sure they know where to get genuine support. I knew what to expect when I walked in to these centers and some of their words still haunt me. Until we can shut these hateful “clinics” down, it is of the utmost importance that we educate the vulnerable. Help the women in your life, don’t let them be fooled.