Spotify’s 15 million songs: What doesn’t  it include? 

The cool new kid in town is Spotify and no one can stop talking about it.  And rightfully so.

The interface is prettier and easier to navigate than, say, Napster. And the social connection component is what sets it apart.

But how vast is its library compared to Napster’s?

I decided to search for songs I posted on my music blog, Morning Mellow, on both services. 


This is by no means a scientific study. It was more to sate my own curiosity — and I was surprised:

Songs I found on Napster, but NOT Spotify:

Peter Gabriel: Book of Love

Damien Rice: Under the Tongue

Feist and Ben Gibbard: Train Song

Jack Savoretti: Russian Roulette

Colin Hay: Waiting for my Real Life to Begin

The Perishers: Never Bloom Again

Josh Rouse: Quiet Town

Vienna Teng: Blue Caravan

Greg Laswell: Comes and Goes (In Waves)

Bedouin Soundclash: 12:59 Lullaby


( I stopped at 10)

Songs I found on Spotify but NOT Napster: 

Kate Rogers: Big Mouth Strikes Again

Metric: Gimme Sympathy (Acoustic)


Songs I found in neither:

Annie Little: Fly Me Away

Sandrine Kiberlain: M’envoyer des fleurs

Ed Laurie: Meanwhile In The Park

Rosi Golan ft. William Fitzsimmons: Hazy 


Takeaway: Don’t rule out Napster just yet.

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