"Until about three years ago, we thought we knew everything there was to know about [NSAIDs and what they act on]"…

"We’re proposing that R-flurbiprofen is effective in this neuropathic pain setting because it is preventing the metabolism of endocannabinoids by COX-2; so it’s maintaining endocannabinoid tone and that’s the basis for the analgesic activity," Marnett said.

"It’s exciting because you will only see this effect at sites of inflammation where COX-2 might play a role in depleting endocannabinoids. Selective inhibitors like the R-profens could represent a new way to target analgesia without having the GI, and maybe cardiovascular, side effects of traditional NSAIDs.


(via New spin on ibuprofen’s actions)

Tooth Infection

Once upon a time there was a little boy with awesome teeth, his dentists were always so impressed with their pristine condition. But then he turned 18 and they went to shit. And now they hurt like fucking hell.

My parents both had lost all their teeth by the age of 30; seems I’m right behind them in perfect timing, the drugs haven’t helped either. I can’t eat sweets anymore, it sucks. BUT I have some 500mg penicillin to take care of this infection and it’s working amazingly.

The doctor I went to see gave me some lortabs for the pain. I was very very nervous about it considering opiates were one of my major addictions and since two naproxen every 12 hours wasn’t doing shit I felt I actually needed them so I decided to take them. I’m supposed to only take 3 a day but the first day I took 5, 3 the second day and 4 the next. Today was day 4, and you know what? I’ve only had 2. It’s slightly confusing to me given my past but I’m really NOT abusing them this time. I do get the urge to go crazy on them every now and then but it’s incredibly simple to ignore once the thoughts begin. I’m proud of myself.

There was more I was going to say but sleepiness has befallen me and blanked my mind so I will heed its call and shove myself into dreamland.

And sleep. Good night good friends whom I’ve never met, some I have and good dreams to tide thee over ‘til the good morrow!

I got a prescription of extra-strength Naproxen for my arm, and I took it for the first time today.

Also today my anxiety was HORRIBLE; it was he worst it’s been in months. The strange thing was that it was a normal day, no big events or happenings. And yet my anxiety induced a prolonged panic attack.

When I arrived home, I saw the pill bottle on the counter and realized that the Naproxen was the only differing factor. Curious, I did some research and found that naproxen is actually known to produce and/or amplify anxiety.

So tonight when I was talking with my dad, I brought up the fact that I couldn’t take the pills because of my anxiety. And instead of believing me, or simply saying “okay”, he went into a whole lecture on how I couldn’t know if it WAS the pills because the human body is too complex. And then when I told him I saw that anxiety was a side effect, he brushed it off, saying “They list almost everything as a side effect in order to avoid lawsuits. It doesn’t mean they’re real.”

It was almost like he was attempting to convince me, once again, that it’s all in my head. But I don’t think he realizes that the palpitating heart beats, the quivering limbs, the dizzy, spinning vision, and the downright fear are all too real, and are anatomically not in my head.

Anxiety is real.

Naproxen and physiotherapy (at some point). Boo, hiss.

Finally went to the doctor about my ankle. She thinks I probably sprained it and tore some ligaments, and that walking around on it for 3 months hasn’t helped.

Sooo I have a 10 day course of Naproxen (radiation green tablets and fuck me, they’re strong) and the promise of some physiotherapy. At some point. Which, knowing the NHS, means it’ll be in 6 months.

Spent money I don’t have on a work skirt and shirt, 3 tees, 2 books and a DVD.

The joy of drugs

I have migraines whenever it gets too hot and/or I lack sleep. If I do not have access to medicine, the pain does not diminish, there is no waiting game, sleeping does nothing for me either. In fact, the pain only becomes increasingly acute. It gets so intense that I am bed-ridden, I would wake up from my sleep because of the pain and vomit repeatedly. And my migraine can last for days. 

Hence you see why I need my medicine very badly. Thanks to my doctors I find relief in taking 2 Naproxen NA 275 mg and Caffeine 100 mg/ Erogotamine tartrate 1 mg. These 2 drugs when taken together alleviate the throbbing pain that stretches from my temples (usually just one side) to the neck, and on my shoulder. 

I had finally ran out of Naproxen yesterday after having left home on the 8th of May, having been in Toronto for 2 months and now being back in HK… Counting that it has been 3 months!

I think that I had taken more medicine in the past 2 weeks than the past 2.5 months. It is simply because Hong Kong is that hot. I can be in a mall and it is still that hot. 

So… no, on top of all of the things that I can’t write about here, Hong Kong hasn’t been a good experience.